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Former husband of Anastasia Soltan gave comments about her suicide

In the night from 24 to 25 November, the daughter of the Chairman of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, 22-year-old Anastasia, has committed suicide — she jumped from the window in the apartment of the parents. What was the cause of this rash act is unknown, but the close Nasti believe that she was unable to accept the death of parents who died in an accident in August of this year.

Also, an important role in the tragedy played a divorce Anastasia with her husband, a member of the municipal Council Oleksiy Plotnikov. In an interview former spouse Soltan said that she was very wrong when he decided to divorce him.

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“The last nine days I Nastya asked, said that the moment when we need to focus on. But, unfortunately, she has not supported me at this moment. And came to her, I on September 19, when the elections took place. Talk to us: all, I’m here now. But the moment the dialogue has not developed in any way, Anastasia was sure that her left. It was a tough conversation to anything did not lead,” said Alex.

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Carpenters says that he tried to help Anastasia to grieve, but she only pushed. The MP said that he had a difficult relationship with his sister Nastya, Veronica who was dead set against her husband. In the end, according to Alexei, when he retired, Veronica simply did not cope with the huge responsibility shouldered. Plotnikov is sure that his ex-wife really killed herself due to the fact that are unable to stand the pain of losing loved ones.

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