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Former Deputy Minister of agriculture wrote in the TFR statement on the ex-General FSB

Экс-замминистра сельского хозяйства написал в СКР заявление на экс-генерала ФСБ

Former Deputy Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexey Bazhanov who are hiding from Russian law enforcement agencies in London, wrote in Russia’s Investigative Committee a statement in which it accused raider seizure of his business businessman Arkady Tosmana and former head of the Department “K” of the FSB Victor Voronin. RBC reports, citing a copy of the application Bazhanov. The same treatment Bazhanov sent to the FSB, the Prosecutor General and the presidential administration. In addition, living in London businessman has written to Scotland Yard statement in which he reported he received threats.

Bazhanov decided to contact the police after the arrests of leaders of power structures, among whom were General Denis Snowdrifts of Quebec the Ministry of internal Affairs and former subordinates Voronin Dmitry Frolov and Kirill Cherkalin, heading in different time, the banking Department of the “K” of the FSB, said the statements of former officials.

Bazhanov, who was the founder of the trading house “masloprodukt”, served as Deputy Minister of agriculture in 2009-2010. In the spring of 2013 he was arrested on charges of theft of more than 1 billion rubles from the Rosagroleasing. Being released from prison under recognizance not to leave, he went to Britain, after which he was declared internationally wanted.

According to the ex-official, in 2014, he turned to his friend, the owner of the trading company “Blago” Arcadia Fossano, and agreed with him on a joint business to financial health and to gain control over one of the largest producers of sunflower oil — CJSC “masloprodukt-BIO”.

Vosman received from Bazhanov documents of the company, and then ceased to leave on communication, says former Deputy Minister. “At that time I was known for certain about his close relationship with the head of management “To” SEB FSB of Russia Voronin Viktor Gennadevich. Whenever he boasted the friendship, but I didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t feel any threat. No later than August 2016 Fosman using support and administrative resources Voronin, conspired <…>, focused on the acquisition of the enterprise”, — says the statement Bazhanov.

They have developed the scheme, according to Bazhanov was signing with SC “Benefit” of Tosmana of the contract of assignment of rights of claim on the debt, “masloprodukt-BIO” before Communication by the Bank, totaling about 9 billion rubles to 1.9 billion rubles with an estimated collateral value of assets over 13 billion rubles. In the end, Blago has paid a Deposit of 20% of this amount — 382 million rubles, and the remaining 1.5 billion rubles were to be paid “not yet existing bill Vnesheconombank in the amount of 7.5 billion rubles,” says Bazhanov.

In the end, GC “Benefit” was sold at auction the property “Masloprodukt” affiliated LLC “Akvilon” for 1,5 billion rubles. The money was paid to “Vnesheconombank” for bill of 20 October 2016, which the same number was transferred to the “Relationship Bank.” According to SPARK, now the roof with a turnover of more than 8 billion rubles belongs to Olga Fasman (until 2014, the company’s revenue was less than 1 billion rubles).

Fosman “with the support and patronage of high-ranking friend of the FSB” has received control over the enterprise, and also “caused JSCB “Svyaz-Bank” damages in the amount of 7.1 billion rubles”, says the former Deputy Minister.

Businessman Arkady Fosmon in turn in conversation with RBC said that the charges by Bazhanov “absolutely far-fetched story.” “He tried in a London court to prove it. He had to compensate for the fact that he had filed a lawsuit against me. To tie here Victor G. [Voronin] — this is nonsense. The asset in question, today, is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles. It was estimated Sberbank, VTB, Bank “Russia”. When he is attracted to 13 billion roubles, collateral value, probably, was the opportunity to inflate the cost. What kind of control can be discussed, if the company was in receivership? The question is how he attracted 12 billion of loans with real collateral value of not more than 2.5 billion rubles,” — said the businessman. He noted that associates the statement Bazhanov its criminal case with the courts about bringing him to vicarious liability.

Voronin, add, left the position of head of the Department “K” of the FSB in 2016 after a series of operations of management of own safety of the FSB in respect of employees of SEB. His place was taken by Ivan Tkachev.

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