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Formed in Kiev landfill of unsold Christmas trees. Video

В Киеве образовались свалки непроданных елок. ВидеоFor the cleaning of holiday trees meet their sellers.

Landfills where two days ago was Christmas bazaars. And so in every district of the capital. Sellers tossed green beauties, who are unable to sell. Who is responsible for the cleaning of the trees and where citizens can carry their end-of-tree after the holidays?

Nobody wants coniferous scattered throughout the city. In a bunch of piled up trees, buyers which until 31 December was not. The sellers threw these pine trees where they traded. Next is another point. The picture is the same. The trees scattered on both sides of the sidewalk. The attention they pay only to pedestrians.

No chips on any of the abandoned trees. So, these points of sale is illegal. On one of these two young men loaded the tree into the car. Refused to introduce themselves, as to say, where to carry cargo.

For the cleaning of holiday trees meet their sellers. But their obligations they are neglected. From year to year.

Sale permission from the city authorities received only those entrepreneurs who previously signed a contract with utilities for the disposal of not sold the oil. Such work are paid about 100 thousand hryvnias, and to remove trees from the streets needs to end today.

To bring order to the communal services will have on natural the point of sale. But already at a loss.

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