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Formal positive: fresh collection of funny jokes

Вечерний позитив: свежая подборка смешных анекдотовFunny jokes for good people.

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes from our selection.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

In kindergarten:
— Children, what birds do not need nests?
— Cuckoos — meets Nikita.
— Because they live in hours.

On reception at the psychologist:
My wife does not want to grow up and often behaves like a child!
— In what ways?
— I take a bath, and she drowns my ducks!

Don’t go there you’re in trouble.
— Why not go there? They’re waiting…

— Fima, you sho me all the time winking at me?
— Oh, Celia, it’s a nervous TIC.
— Fima, you are still a liar and a scoundrel! I was looking forward.

— If a pimple on a nose jumped — it means that someone fell in love.
— I want to see a dermatologist so you imagine!

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