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Forgave the debts of the Soviet, but Russian run

Простили долги советские, но уже набегают российские

With regards to the statements about the fact that “Africa is rich in natural resources, there is poor infrastructure and great prospects in its construction, there is a need for new aircraft, construction machinery, geological exploration and subsequent exploitation of deposits” — in General, all the arguments of the opponents in defense of that Black continent again need to give money.

To remind you, my dear, another resource-rich country, with poor infrastructure and technical base? Where it also would not hurt investment in the development, and which is not far away, and you have the window.

What kind of logic is that the better Imperial Ponte all drained once again stranger than to focus on its own territory? Where, at least once pogruzivshis kinglet not nationalisim your objects will not declare a moratorium on debt payments or just do not send you to hell.

We have weak consumer demand, high risks, complexity — Yes. So do you propose to distribute loot again without the slightest back guarantee.

Forgive Soviet debts, but incoming Russian — Venezuela, Libya, Belarus, Ukraine, Syria, Central African Republic, Central Asian republics, Transnistria and other satellites — all package of the current government, for the most part are also non-refundable. To forgive which will have its successors.

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