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Forest that inspired Tolkien to create middle earth. Photo

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. ФотоHe is in England.

Every creative person is bound to have a favorite place, which gives it a special emotion and gives inspiration. Some of this is ocean, the other is an ancient castle or legendary old house. John Ronald Tolkien, Creator of the fantastic middle earth, that place was amazing forest, Palud, near the town of Coleford, in the English County of Gloucestershire.

Everyone who first enters the Park, Passwod, can not get rid of obsessive thoughts that he was closely monitoring the number of living beings. This forest is so unusual that even the harsh realist may admit that in its paths you can meet fairy-tale elves, trolls or dwarves. No wonder his name, Puzzlewood, translated as the Mysterious forest, there is not the slightest exaggeration.

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

Passwod is forests, which means that it acquired its modern form over many centuries, without human intervention. Scientists have found that there is this place from the XVI century, but it is possible that the forest in this place of grew long before in the British Isles person.

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

However, people constantly interfere in the lives of the ancient forest, trying to adapt it for their needs.

In ancient times, when the territory of modern Britain was part of the vast Roman Empire, the Legionnaires organized the production of iron ore. Virgin forest was disfigured by quarries, screams of slaves and their overseers and circle lines and glades roads.

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

But, once the proud Romans to disappear, Passwod again became dense and impenetrable, and the stones extracted by the miners were covered with moss and lichens, having a completely natural look. It is through the efforts of ancient miners appeared in the most scenic of the folded landscape found nowhere else in the world and dubbed “scowly”.

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

For centuries the forest no one bothered and he was the refuge of wild beasts, of robbers and fugitives. The idea of the picturesque thickets, the Park first came up with the owner of the land on which the forest grew, in the late nineteenth century. Through the efforts of the landowner here there is an amazing wooden bridges, winding trails and rope rides.

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

Forest Passwod was a favorite vacation spot not only for the author of Lord of the Rings. In his alleys still loves to walk, Rowling gave us Harry Potter and many other famous and not so famous authors of books in the genre of fairy tales and fantasy. Recently the forest was very popular with filmmakers – the wilds of Paslode became the backdrop for the TV series “Merlin” and “Doctor Who”

Лес, вдохновивший Толкиена на создание Средиземья. Фото

Frame from the TV series “Merlin” (2008)

In Paslode all conditions for tourists – guests are offered horseback riding on a pony, several types of environmental attractions and lunch at a fabulous café. It is impossible to get lost, thanks to the elaborate system of trails and roads that are marked with signposts and explanations in several languages. As befits a fairy tale – the entrance to the forest is free, but those wishing to contribute to the improvement of the Church in the nearest village, we can omit any amount in the box at the entrance.

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