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Forest of horror: movie Review of “Fear” (“Be Afraid”)

Dr. John chambers, with his family moved into a large house in a quiet town, surrounded by forests. Neighbors Chambersof be very strange people, obviously hiding some kind of secret, the youngest child gets acquainted with the girl whom no one but he does not see, and to John it seems that he was someone watching in the darkness of night. Suspicion soon switches to real paranoia, and nightmares become a reality with the appearance of creepy creatures, called the Hatters.

In the development phase, the project drew Gabreski “Fear” though not caused huge interest, but at least likable colorful frames and standard horror film, but it is a curious plot. On the front role, as usual in such cheap productions, huddled specially invited star of the class “once played in the famous film/TV series”. And Yes, leading Brian Krause (Leo from “Charmed” , remember?) never differed zeal to the heights of acting. But with his work he copes, at least not worse more charismatic Patrick Wilson and Nicholas cage in a similar role (see “the Astral plane” and “Gates of darkness”).

It is impossible not to draw attention to the efforts of the Director – he really wants to reveal the characters, and intrigued by the supernatural nature of evil, and surprise plot twists. Just do not notice that the picture lacks “punch”, even the slightest own chips, which it simply does not cling to anything that we would not see hundreds of similar low-budget horror. The writer almost to the end constrained to not join a weak copy of”Astral” (or if you prefer, “Poltergeist”), which is now every second is a low-budget movie. But in the end laziness still wins out – the ending of “Fear” just one-to-one repeats the last scene of horror van. The story itself evolves in the usual direction of the genre, though at times the characters begin to make explicit stupidity – not for logical reasons, and the desire of creators to associate among themselves “horrory” moments.

What to the opposing heroes monsters – Yes, the Hatters themselves curious and even look bad, but of particular interest do not cause. Save them the image of two good features instilled in them a story: first, the monsters chained their victims to the place with sleep paralysis, and secondly, to notice them only with peripheral vision. But in General, the villains are quite unremarkable, and the screen time they are given not as much as I would like.

A big plus to give the perception of the coolest locations of the filming – there is a large country mansion, dark forest and an abandoned mine. That’s just so inspired by your genre choice of place, Director it is important not to imagine yourself as a “visionary” and not to forget about the story. Otherwise, not wise to repeat, for example, the fate of the weak “Mercy” according to the story king, a worthless script which don’t have good backgrounds in the background. Here again praise Gabreski Director is not distracted once again to the demonstration forest views, but always successfully uses them in the course of the story.

At the end , “Fear” is unremarkable, but one viewing is quite watchable mystical Thriller. Yes, the plot, staging and acting of the actors staggering cinematic revelation, but do not push unnecessary nonsense and “gnarled”. Here, as in the children’s puzzle, everything in its place, let the final picture is usually a horror-still life.

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