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Foreigners are amazed by the new trailer of “Gravity” of a novel

The third trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Gravity” took place two days ago – during this time with the roller managed to see a lot of spectators, including foreign. In our material we have gathered the most striking opinions of Internet users about the painting, which is now called one of the most anticipated Russian film in recent years.

Foreigners are amazed by the new trailer of “Gravity” of a novel

Trailer of the movie “Gravity”
The user ju5tinpyne, the website joblo.comscary appearance of aliens. Even despite the fact that I don’t understand in this video, no words I can say that the trailer mounted perfectly.”

The user BRWaters, the website joblo.compilada furious!”

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User Extrem Bre, the website joblo.compilada well! It seems to me that it might be interesting – Russian science fiction film. I can’t wait”.

Interview with sound designer “Pull” – “the film industry” from 11.11.2016

User Saturn Star, the website joblo.somuch! Want to see the movie. But I don’t speak Russian. I hope that “Attraction” will make English subtitles, because actually want to look at it.”

User Zachary Lennard, the website joblo.Amadeus that they will make an English version of the film, because the “Gravity” produces Columbia Pictures”.

The user VAharleywitch, the site is firstshowing.netВыглядит very good. I understand that Columbia is one of the largest Hollywood studios – has nothing to do with the creation of the film. Cool. I’ll wait for the digital release next year”.

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Of promovideo of the film “Gravity”

User Lar Rackell, the site is firstshowing.netЧуваки, at least, the movie looks really funny. Aliens was very unusual.”

User Nash, website firstshowing.netОдно what this film did Russian makes it interesting. The final shots of the trailer showing aliens running slightly confused me, but the rest of the movie pleased. Could this be the “attack the block” meet “the Arrival”?”

User Gabriel Rheault, the site geektyrant.saldumu that I can now cease to pay much attention to the Hollywood movies”.

Trailer of the movie “Gravity”

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