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Чужой бог

Report that writer Prilepin organized a “new social movement” called “For the truth!” and with a clear eye on the passage to the state Duma. Clearly he did not, on its own initiative — here there is another “important governmental objective” of funding and screen time on Federal TV channels no problems foreseen; the government strenuously prepares “to prologics” in case of epic fail sick horse — “party” of United Russia.

While not wanting to discuss the prospects of a daring undertaking and personally Prilepin, one note yet — as far as the current “master of words” and “engineers of human souls” do not feel the psychology and language of the people, whose location they actually covet. What a fool they suggested to call the movement “For the truth”? Or is creativity the Prilepin? He was guided — by the fact that in his early childhood father or grandfather was discharged on raykomovskih the order of the newspaper “Pravda”?

Very silly — I say, remembering the half-forgotten craft of PR. It is foolish to focus on the word “truth” to get people’s love. The fact is that there is no truth of the modern population doesn’T WANT more — it was from her as possible runs. Just look at the circulation of any press — they don’t just fall, they collapse. Look at the number in the country of journalists — according to recently published statistics, the number of them (namely people working in the specialty “journalism”) for the past 6-8 years has fallen in the country by HALF. Finally, look at the number of channels you have teleyaschike — and then estimate what proportion of them are NEWS channels.

People don’t need “the truth” which is generally understood as “urgent, urgent in the moment of truth”, itself the truth, however, does not need too. In any case, daring in our country. In Russia, people “really” need approximately the same extent that it is needed to potentially cancer patient. Why? Yes, because deep down he KNOWS. And this knowledge does not cause him any pleasure.

And here appears someone Prilepin and menacingly says — no, bro! Look here, I tell you the TRUTH then do tell! What will be the reaction? You know, some unfortunate rush from Prilepin his legs, not looking the direction — just away. But if there’s nowhere to go (as it is in Russia often happens) ears, pretend to be deaf.

It is not necessary the truth. However, as we have already report writer Gorky — God of a free man. That is, this God is certainly not for Russia. Foreign God. Fool Prilepin, as if I lived in Russia and still do not understand.

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