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Foreign actors, a favourite of the Soviet women. Photo

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. ФотоThey conquered women’s hearts.

Responsible security officers, the brave revolutionaries and members of the Komsomol with superegoism nedopoluchit and enthusiasm are the main heroes of the Soviet culture. But women sometimes you want a little zest, excitement and risk. Luckily it was way in the USSR, even across the iron curtain.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

1. Raj Kapoor

In the 50-60-ies of the last century, the Soviet women were protected from the corrupting influence of Hollywood. As a result, they looked mostly Soviet movies, but the second most popular was Indian cinema. The chief and his idol was Raj Kapoor.

Epuramine began immediately after the first hire in the 1959 film “I the Vagabond”. First, because on the big screen, it successfully launched four times. Only in theaters in the USSR, he has collected almost 64 million viewers.

To understand women: Raj Kapoor was surprisingly charming on the screen, gave the impression of a simple guy, a perfect example of the proletariat, sang a romantic, light songs (actually not he, but the singer Mukesh, but who will hear), knew how to be funny and, of course, was beautiful.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

2. Alain Delon

Alain Delon reigned in the USSR from the 60s to the restructuring. Everyone loved him, he was a real “people’s artist”, although without official regalia. Even in the Politburo turned a blind eye to some of his roles socially distant elements and almost officially called the “friend of the USSR”.

Perhaps unexpectedly for himself he became a trendsetter. After the film “Rocco and his brothers” all men began to wear “baloney cloak.” In the ‘ 80s, “Alain Delon” has become a household name and a quite independent way of mass culture.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

3. Jean-Paul Belmondo

Actor, frankly, was not very handsome, early in his career he expected to have only roles morons. However, Belmondo managed to create an image of French a sort of Superman, especially after the appearance of “Professional”. All the stunts he performed on their own. Soviet women were always looking for a strong shoulder to lean on. The right scouts and so was around a lot: in life and on the screen.

Strong fists, athletic appearance, the ability to climb over the wall — that’s the romantic hero of many. Well, if he’s still on the farm that can do something… Although the latter is not so important. In the end, against criminals, which sank quite happy milkmaids and laboratory assistant, Belmondo looks much nobler.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

4. Jean Marais

The first love of many ladies of the generation of the 60’s. In the USSR, the actor became wildly popular after the trilogy about Fantomas. And if the male half went to the cinema, Louis de Funes, female on solely on Jean Marais.

Tall, handsome, he performed stunts, although weaker Belmondo, piercing gaze and relaxed smile. The men began even to get a haircut under the Mare.

In the 70s he practically ceased to appear, and in the late 80’s, when he was almost forgotten, suddenly became aware that the women he just calmly, but his greatest love was Jean Cocteau. The blow was terrible.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

5. Charles Aznavour

Caucasian, sings soulful songs about love, sociable, in five minutes you can be even its to huge halls — in short, everything for the success of the Soviet women. Now imagine he has a French passport, and he himself like a Frenchman… then Again, we cannot say that he took the appearance. Although at the very beginning of his career, Charles Aznavour on the advice of Edith Piaf removed a small hump on the nose. But love him not for it, but for the performance of “Everlasting love” and the amazing energy.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

6. Sean Connery

The star actor in the Soviet Union came much later than the rest of the world. In the early 70s, he came to Moscow, and there no one knew. Sean Connery, agent 007, was terribly offended. Show bullying the British spy on the KGB, of course, no one. But then came the era of VCRs. And here it is all appreciated and bond, and Colonel Arbuthnot, Raul Amundsen. And then, at the end of the Soviet era, came the Highlander’s Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez literally charmed the entire female population of the Union. But at that time he was already fifty-six.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

7. Adriano Celentano

In the life of the Soviet Union singer, songwriter, actor belonged gradually to the screen has left some of his movies, produced records. The real boom began after the premiere of “Bluff”.

In theaters it was released in 1978, after careful work of the censors. Once released the album Soli. Finally finished off the weak woman’s heart, the release of the Comedy “the taming of the shrew”. Cheerful optimist Celentano and dull farmer Elia fascinated.

Иностранные актеры, полюбившиеся советским женщинам. Фото

8. Michele Placido

The phenomenon of the TV series “Sprut” on Soviet television so still not solved. In the summer of 1986, the film was released on the first key and immediately became a legend. Popular was everything: the music of it, the history of the mafia, which the Philistine to this and didn’t know, and, of course, Commissioner Cattani.

Women just went crazy for this serious and responsible policeman. The sellers of posters earned this fame crazy money, held by Placido. And how many were disturbances when he was finally killed. Italy managed to remove ten seasons, but in the former Soviet Union after the death Cattani the popularity of the show immediately began to decline.

Recent seasons seemingly never shown on TV.

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