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Ford said, when the first lobotomobile

В Ford рассказали, когда появятся первые роботомобилиInnovative cars have become serious competitors to Uber.

Ford has announced a partnership with online service taxi Lyft, in which the automaker plans to 2021 to deploy on the basis of a startup wide network of robomobile.

Now team Ford and Lyft are working to develop software that will allow Ford to communicate with the Lyft app. Robomobile are connected to the network Lyft, but the first time they will be accompanied by a driver, said the Sheriff, Marakby, Ford’s Vice President for Autonomous vehicles and electrification. He didn’t say when Ford and Lyft plan to offer the first trip in a fully self-propelled vehicles.

“We are not building prototypes for prototyping,” he said Marakby, adding that Ford is serious and intends to eventually use thousands of robomobile.

New Ford CEO Jim Hackett was supposed to meet with investors to present the new strategy of the company. Ford shares this year fell by 1.65%, while its rival GM, on the contrary, rose by 15.6% and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is even 71%. Plans Hackett, in particular, include the Ford exit on the market of mobile services, so working with Lyft fits into the overall vision of the company’s exit from the crisis.

Ford is also testing a delivery service using robomobile and airport Shuttle. Robomobile Ford will use FOR from the company Argo AI, which Corporation is going to invest $1 billion over the next five years.

Ford said it will invest $700 million plant in Flat Rock (Michigan) to reformat it for the production of electric vehicles and Autonomous vehicles.

Lyft offers an open platform for cooperation with different car manufacturers, and has partnership agreements with the and company Waymo, a division of Google. Last year a 9% stake in Lyft bought GM, Ford rival, but the company argued that their relations with GM are not exclusive.

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