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Ford found a way to make their cars easier

Ford нашла способ сделать свои авто легчеAlso in the car will improve insulation.

The American company Ford has found a way to reduce the weight of their machines and at the same time to improve the sound insulation. This is made possible through the use of graphene. This material even in small quantities has a great ability to squelch and makes the drive more comfortable.

Ford will be the first manufacturer applying a two-dimensional nanomaterial in the automotive components. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and has excellent tokoprovodu properties. Also the material has excellent sound absorbing properties while the flexibility and small thickness.

Despite the high cost of the material Ford in collaboration with Eagle Industries and XG Sciences has found a way to use a small amount of graphene in the housings of the fuel rail, pump and cover of the engine with a noticeable improvement in their sound insulation characteristics. “We were able to use it in microscopic amounts, less than half of the percentage by weight of the component and thus achieve significant improvements in strength, sound insulation properties and reduce the overall weight.

Other players of the automotive industry is similar to the use of graphene was not considered,” explained Debbie Milewski, senior technical unit Manager sustainable development and advanced materials in the Ford. Ford engineers mixed with graphene foams, it is possible to reduce noise by 17%, to improve mechanical properties by 20% and increase the thermal conductivity by 30% compared to a foam without the addition of graphene.

Manufacture of components using graphene will begin before the end of 2018. New material will be applied in 10-parts used in the engine compartment. The first time they will be installed on the Ford F-150 and Mustang, and subsequently on all other Ford vehicles.

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