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Ford Focus equipped with “smart” headlights

Ford оснастила Focus "умными" фарамиNight riding will be comfortable and safe.

To make a night ride more comfortable and safe, Ford has developed a new technology that uses road signs and lane markings to adjust the force of the luminous flux of the headlights.

Such a system is already installed on all new models Focus, and allows you to expand a light beam when approaching the roundabout. This will help the driver easier to see pedestrians and cyclists on the roadside.

Instead of relying on GPS, which does not always reflect the latest changes on the road, the Ford system allows also to warn the driver in real time about the changes ahead of him, as the Adaptive Front Lighting system monitors the markings and signs, and turns the headlamp before the driver turned the wheel.

Ford also said that currently the company is developing a system that uses an infrared camera to locate and track people, cyclists and large animals at a distance of up to 120m in the dark.

According to a survey conducted by Ford in Germany at 5030 respondents, 81% of them fear to go on the road after dark. – 53% are afraid not to notice pedestrian or cyclist, 43% said too late see the barriers, and 23% added that they do not see the direction of the road ahead.

Meanwhile, experts say that at the moment the risk of fatal accidents at night increased three times.

Ford оснастила Focus "умными" фарами

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