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Ford figured out what people will do in Autonomous cars

Ford выяснила, чем люди будут заниматься в беспилотных авто The survey of 5,000 Europeans allowed the Ford company to find out whatever way they chose to spend time with Autonomous cars.

On average, European drivers annually spend driving their cars to 10 days, and, as shown by previous Ford study, residents of big cities believe the very way to work more stressful.

That is why the participants of the new survey would prefer to choose Autonomous vehicle instead of traditional, when it comes to getting a job: almost half of Europeans surveyed said that believe that Autonomous cars will be safer. Of 5 000 adults surveyed 80% said that moving on the drone, would prefer to relax and enjoy the scenery outside the window. 72% would talk on the phone, and 64% of respondents would prefer to eat. Reading and watching movies also became one of the most popular options.

The car would fundamentally change the lives of those mothers who every day transported children to school, 16% of respondents would allow children to ride to school one on Autonomous cars. Wouldn’t the Europeans from the electronic driver and to travel… in a restaurant. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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