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Ford creates a car made of bamboo

Ford создаст автомобиль из бамбукаEngineers in the construction industry are well aware of the strength of bamboo with a strong tension.

In the future, some elements of decoration car showrooms will be made on the basis of a combination of bamboo and plastic, with a high level of durability.

Senior engineer at new materials Research center of Ford in Nanjing Janet Ying said that the bamboo is a great material. It has high strength and flexibility. In addition, bamboo is a renewable material and in a large number grows in China and other Asian countries, the press service of the company. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The advantages of bamboo, the engineers knew at the beginning of last century. Creating the first light bulb, Thomas Edison conducted experiments with this tropical plant. Engineers in the construction industry are well aware of the strength of bamboo with a strong tension. By this measure, he even competes with some metallic alloys. To adulthood, the bamboo grows for 2-5 years, while for regular trees, this process takes decades.

At Ford say that in the past few years, the brand has been active in work with suppliers, exploring the possibility of using bamboo in the production of elements of automobile interiors. The company’s engineers studied the option of combining bamboo and plastic to obtain a material with a high level of durability. After conducting some research they came to the conclusion that bamboo behaves much better compared to other synthetic and natural fibers. The developers have carried out tensile tests and the determination of strength under strong attack. In addition, bamboo was heated to temperatures over 100 degrees to verify the ability of a material to maintain its structure.

While continuing testing of materials from bamboo, Ford actively uses in the production of other environmentally friendly materials made from recycled materials, the company said. For example, the company recently unveiled a joint project with Jose Cuervo to create bioplastic from the waste of the agave, remaining after the production of tequila. The resulting material may be used for the manufacture of elements of Ford cars.

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