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Forbidden planet (1956) – REVIEW

The penultimate film by Fred M. Wilcox (1907 – 1964), never-filmed science fiction had a great influence on subsequent movie, which was passed as earlier “They”, in the mythology of the Saga of strangers, and anticipating the story about the inner demons. In the year of its release, the film remained without significant awards received a nomination for “Oscar” for best special effects, but over time became true classics of American cinema. Its plot is very simple and will continue to play in many science fiction films. A planet similar to Earth where a long time ago landed a group of scientists. Of them over the years remained only the doctor Morbius who has a charming young daughter. Also not to mention Robbie the robot, the handyman. Later in many fantastic movies will insert the robots, but Robbie may have been the first in this series.

Before us is not a Thriller, not horror, namely science fiction, where slow development is reinforced by the humor, compelling characters and a familiarity with sunk into oblivion civilization of aliens who have achieved a high technical success, but have not defeated the monsters inside, which led the race to destruction. In this regard, their technology are a danger for people, obsessive passion no less than the mysterious aliens. Quite original was to make a monster invisible, because it scares the unknown. So nobody will have to laugh at the outdated special effects, because the technical side is aging, and the cinematic eternal and unchanging. In this sense, we have before us a great film with a good scenario where many fantastic themes. The study of the new world, the desire to possess a wealth of knowledge, and the natural destruction of this knowledge of their owners. Perhaps this film left a powerful link Steven Spielberg in 4 parts “Indiana Jones”. Because the action is happening there in the 1950s, and the Director, being a cinephile than Tarantino, not deny myself the pleasure to quote tapes of old Hollywood.

The main stars of the film is William Pigeon, Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis. The pigeon actor of the Golden age of Hollywood, who played in many classic films. Here he created an image of Dr. Morbius, good scientist, anachoreta, avoiding the company of people, a loving father, not wanting to part with his already adult daughter and does not understand that she needs to choose its own path. Beautiful Anne Francis, the first model of mini-dresses in the movie, played a naive girl knowing nothing about life outside of the planet and, of course, about the relationship between a man and a woman than other schemers wanted to use it. Leslie Nielsen played the main character, the captain of the ship, an honest and courageous person. His image also subsequently to be copied. By the way, a creative way Nielsen and Francis crossed and later. They both starred (albeit in a different series) in the TV series “Colombo” and has left the life of each other, just in time for the 55th anniversary of the film.

“Forbidden planet” multinational mnogometrovoy the film, so fans of action, please do not worry – this is not your movie. But lovers of slow deliberate actions certainly can find one of the best sci-Fi films of its time. This is a real movie, not theatre on the screen than sin American films of the 1930s, with beautiful surroundings of the forbidden planet, great camera work and great for its time special effects. But most importantly, the movie has an interesting plot, charming characters and a kind of fantastic atmosphere where there is a place and suspense, and comic sparring of the characters.

Rating: 8

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