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Forbidden for all the comments/photoshopped pics to “cute” kitten

You hear, you hear me? It’s the howl of “newcomers not to get” heard in connection with what in our next contest funny comments and photojob wins Po3T. We’ve lost count, at that time the veteran ZU the competitive battles as the best, but what to do if you do for them invented the signature to a photo in our VK-public, inside edition vote a lot and often? So this time the victory (and the book Zотова as a gift) brings Po3T’have the following version of the signature:

In fairness, we note that the competition participants turned out to be not so much. Let’s see how it goes next. A new contest, a new photo and a new prize, a novel of Frank Tallis with a tempting title “the Forbidden” (The Forbidden), the abstract of which reads:

Young doctor Paul Clement is sent to the Antilles to study tropical diseases where becomes the witness of a terrible ritual killing zombies. Despite the prohibition to disclose the secret of the priests with distant Islands, on his return to Paris doctor Clement in the name of science is decided on a daring experiment: taking the poison, he provokes a near-death experience and realizes the mysteries of existence. Surgeon, member of the experiment, returns to his life, but in the real world doctors who looked into the abyss, enters the underworld of an ancient evil. Demon possessed, Clement is given the power of sin, immersed in debauchery, becomes responsible for the fall of the woman. On the verge of insanity, he finds the strength to stop the process of destruction of spirit and mind, but the hell continues relentlessly follow him. Whether Paul Clement to save his soul, to repel the forces of the underworld and to earn the forgiveness of Heaven?

And now attention, a question – I mean, a new job. And this is a new still from the upcoming remake (or new adaptation of the novel by Stephen king – call it what you want) “pet Sematary”.

Recall that one can offer one the option of signing or one fotozhabu; number of comments per participant is not limited. Go for it!

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