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Forbes named Hollywood’s major failures of 2016

Forbes magazine published the ranking of the most disastrous American films released worldwide in 2016. Places in a rating were distributed according to the ratio of the total fees of the films and their production budgets, that is, the list includes only those paintings that have failed to recover the costs of the Studio.

Forbes named Hollywood’s major failures of 2016

10. “The instigators of the”Comedy band “the Instigators” with Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson, tells of the daring armored car Heist which crank inept bandits. World the film made only $22 million, with a budget of $25 million.

Movie trailer “the Instigators”

9. “Snowden”Story biographical tape “Snowden” from Director Oliver stone tells the story of a former employee of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Edward stone, who was the initiator of the loudest spy scandal in modern history. Production budget of the film was $40 million, and its global fees amounted to $35 million.

Trailer of the movie “Snowden”

8. “Brothers from Grimsby”In the center of the plot of the Comedy “the Brothers of the Grimsby”, filmed on the script by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, is a superspy who is performing deadly tasks have to mess around with careless brother. The film’s budget was $35 million, and its fees – $27 million.

The trailer of the film “Brothers of Grimsby”

7. “Reporter”At the heart of this Comedy was based on real events. The film tells about a journalist who went as a correspondent to cover the military operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In world hire the picture has collected $24.9 million, while its production budget was $35 million.

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Trailer of the movie “the Reporter”

6. “Spies in the neighborhood,”According to the story married couple, living a boring life, the new neighbors are being drawn into an international spy conspiracy. In world hire “Spies next door” earned $26.9 million, production budget: $40 million

Trailer of the movie “Spy next door”

5. “Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers”the basis of this animated film based on the series of popular computer game Ratchet & Clank follows the adventures of the trickster, Ratchet and the robotic Lanka. For the production of the cartoon spent $20 million, while worldwide it earned $11.8 million.

The trailer of the cartoon “ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers”

4. “Pride and prejudice and zombies”Is a film adaptation of the comic graphic novel by Seth Grahame-Smith based on the classic novel of Jane Austen’s “Pride and prejudice”. According to the story it has been for many years, Britain is suffering from an unknown virus from graves across the country face the dead. Reflexes which gave them the plague, focus on eating zombies seek out around living to eat. Despite positive reviews, the picture in world hire has collected $16.4 million, while its production budget was $28 million.

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Trailer of the movie “Pride and prejudice and zombies”

3. “Pop star: don’t stop, don’t stop”, the Main character of this Comedy – a young man Conner, together with his friends organized a music band The boyz style. The team over time has become incredibly popular, but Conner felt that it was his personal merit. Approaching the release of a new album, and the main character is waiting for a severe shock. The creation of the painting Studio spent $20 million, and its fees amounted to only $9.5 million.

Movie trailer “the Pop star: don’t stop, don’t stop”

2. “Free state of Jones”In the “Free state of Jones” Matthew McConaughey played the role of a poor farmer newt knight, who heads a group of deserters from the Confederate army, advocating the abolition of slavery. In world hire the film has earned $23.2 million, but its production has been spent twice – $50 million.

Trailer of the movie “Free state of Jones”

1. “Max steel”is a Fantastic action movie “Max steel” is an adaptation of the eponymous animated series, telling about a young man whose manifest destructive capabilities. To cope with newfound powers he helps a mysterious alien Steele. Despite its small production budget (total of $10 million), “Max steel” has not paid off in worldwide box office, the movie earned $4.4 million

The trailer of the film “Max steel”

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