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Foray into China

Набег на Китай

The Secretary of state Pompeo announced the amount of compensation that the USA intend to demand from China for the pandemic. It is 9 trillion dollars. Pompeo statement made in response to China’s proposal to allocate $ 2 billion in the form of good will gesture as compensation.

Statement Pompeo — the development of the decision on the establishment of an international coalition that will investigate the causes of the pandemic, to appoint the person responsible for it and seek compensation. Millstone Mellat, slowly but inexorably. However, slowly — it’s not about the current story, so how to waste time, no one will. Moreover, trump starts campaigning and he needs to invigorate the electorate, pointing out who is to blame in the incident. The best way to raise a rating is to unite the nation in the face of the enemy.

It should be noted that the electoral base of the trump in this endeavor is already a very solid — more than half of Americans think China is guilty of the epidemic, and that’s before the mass media campaign on charges. There is no doubt that when the trump on a daily basis will condemn the Chinese leadership and to assure the voters that only he can force China to pay for this database is expected to considerably increase. Internal divisions can be, if not forgotten, then postponed. The most inspiring event is to gather the herd and go someone to Rob.

First strike — the epidemic — tramp and behind it the groups — of course, missed. Blow painful and heavy. But not fatal. It is up to them, and the presentation of an ultimatum to China is the answer to the forces that tried to use the pandemic.

Anyway, but announced in the amount of 9 trillion is what is called pre-approach. If China refuses or ignores the request (and execute it there is the slightest possibility without loss of the thing as China), it is then followed by the enforcement operation. Will it be in the nature of trade, economic and financial of the cold war, whether it is some modification of the “warm” war with the blockade of China, or it will be a hot conflict (which is, frankly, not too likely, but in such situations, to renounce is not the slightest sense).

Here for this operation and we need an international coalition, especially since it is clear that she shines in the end — decent score. Of course, in case of victory. But at this stage, the motivation of all who are going on this RAID, it is quite clear — any war is always a prelude to a transfer of ownership. And if you’re not redistribute, you redistribute you. To sit on the sidelines will not succeed. Therefore, a list of those who believes that they will divide the spoils. Especially since she already announced.


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