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For traveler: little-known facts about Bulgaria. Photo

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. ФотоPeople with unusual mentality.

They paint the meat in yellow, drinking tea only in special cases and are grown in the gardens of the tobacco. What else we do not understand in the culture of our mental counterparts.

They drink tea only during the illness - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

The main producer of local tea is called: “the Bioprogram”. This herbal drink the packaging of which is painted mountain scenery — in such circumstances, the views of the local population, and grow organic healthy herbs. Familiar to us black and green tea beyond the tourist destinations are hard to find.

But all day they drink coffee, the smell reminiscent of chicory, and in the evening in the company of relatives — personally made moonshine. Yes. It is not prohibited, moreover, if you have no home personal moonshine setup, you can come to a specially equipped place and a pleasure to drive raki.

Their language is so similar to ours and so strange!

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

When dealing with Bulgarians, it may seem that he wants to confuse you — not only because his facial expressions at the time of agreements and negations do not correspond to global, but some words have very different meaning than in Russian. For example, “right” means “right”, and if you turn right, the Bulgarian will say “Nagase” (remember the Church Slavonic language and the word “right hand” that is right). “Melon” in Bulgarian- “watermelon”, “table” “chair”, “shirt”, “mother”, and “mountain” is “forest”.

They dress boys in pink

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

More precisely, all small children are made to wear pink. Moreover, the baby in the Bulgarian language — “Bebe”, and this word is neuter. The cult of childhood in Bulgarian there is, give birth to children are not many, usually one or two, and all the focus is not even on their good education and studies, as, for example, in Russia, and mainly for high quality food, as well as trendy and warm clothes (suddenly freeze!). Unlike Russia, where among modern moms it is common to exchange children’s clothes. Perhaps that is why the Bulgarians believe that a child is costly.

Their names do not coincide with calendar

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

Miroslav, Lubomir, flames, Ruska (that is, Russian), green, Blush is a typical Bulgarian names. But in the calendar you will not find them because the name was given in honor of a grandparent — in accordance with tradition, which goes back to pagan times. How do these quite a religious people?

The Bulgarian Church democratically distributed between the original names of the holidays in the calendar, often using a rather unexpected analogies and associations. For example, to explain why Hristo is celebrating their birthday on Christmas, but at the same time the name-day this day is celebrated more and Blush and flames. (Because in winter, everything is rosy? Because sitting by the fire with the whole family?)

They nod when I say “no”

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

This feature is the first that comes to mind when talking about the Bulgarians, but not everyone knows the details. Protesters nods — small, sharp and fast. Agreeing, shake my head, making it, on the contrary, slowly and impressively, as if acknowledging some bitter truth — “yeah-Ah”. Although, if you start to study the gestures and facial expressions of those peoples who live close to Bulgaria, you can be surprised to discover that the Greeks, too, nod in sign of denial. Yes, and the Arabs in various countries in the middle East has, too, its not very usual for us forms of expression of agreement and disagreement.

They eat yellow meat

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

It is known that the meat is actually gray. We’ve learned that Russian manufacturers tint it pink. And then come into the store and on the shelves of yellow meat quietly in their graves and finds a buyer. Because local producers are paint it in yellow (for whatever reason — could not figure out).

Products in the Bulgarian store at all in many others than in Russia. For example, buckwheat and black tea can only be found in seaside shops, where she appeared recently in connection with the high demand of tourists from the CIS. Cottage cheese and sour cream available, in principle, instead there are numerous types of “sour milk”, which is somewhat reminiscent of plain yogurt.

They are making barbecue on the balcony

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

“War is war, and lunch schedule” — this saying was supposed to be born in Bulgaria. The employee of Bank will not be late because of you at work on your lunch break, even if you brought her 100 million leva.

There are unwritten rules, what to eat and what to drink for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as interesting ways of preparing certain dishes on the grill, rotisserie, an open fire, coals, etc. Place cooking is also not trivial: for example, the Bulgarians often prepare food on a gas burner on the balcony. And none of the neighbors even thinks to call the police.

They do not condemn smokers

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

One cigarette after another. Smoke often grown on their beds tobacco (the climate allows) or use the local monopoly — the company “Bulgartabak”. Restrictions on Smoking there’s no smoke Bulgarians of all genders and of different ages, and people smoke everywhere: on the balconies, on the street, in cafes and even on playgrounds.

They celebrate Church holidays according to the Gregorian calendar

Туристу на заметку: малоизвестные факты о Болгарии. Фото

The Bulgarian Autocephalous local Orthodox Church celebrates their festivals is not synchronous with the Russian Orthodox Church. For example, Christmas in Bulgaria is celebrated on December 25. And it is very important for the whole country the holiday is celebrated by even those who in the Church does not go. The day before Christmas Eve and are closed government offices. Even for the Bulgarian Consulate in Moscow this weekend. The celebration of the New year passes almost unnoticed.
Surprisingly, Bulgarians celebrate Muslim holidays are seized them for 500 years the Turks — for example, Eid al-Adha. And even to this day prepare the sheep, the truth is, most don’t cut it in this day in person, and intelligent buys in the market or in the store.

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