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For traveler: interesting facts about Greece. Photo

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Греции. ФотоFor those who are going on a trip.

If you were already in Greece, you probably will be a bit boring to read it. But, if you want to go to this country for the first time, drop everything, sit down and read – will definitely come in handy.

A bit of history. During the great Homer, with his immortal works “the Iliad” and “Odyssey”, great honor was considered the adoption of a guest-stranger, as in his house, and in the whole ancient settlement. This ritual was of a religious, at that time, pagan overtones, which smoothly passed in a form of art. The word “xenos” in Greek language means alien, stranger, foreigner, guest. So the Greeks were the first fans in the world of friendly strangers, foreigners. The word “xenophile” means this feature of the ancient Greeks, which translates to, a friend of strangers. Another word “xenophobe”, “xenophobia” means the person afraid of foreigners, foreigners. And they wonder why these strangers came to his country, why they can not stay at home, and that they are all here looking for.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Греции. Фото

To win the favor of the local population of Greece, we need to understand how they live and what they breathe. In this case, don’t look at all of the local, Greek, haughtily. Here you are expected to be a complete failure, because the Greeks are very proud to have brought the light of education and science to mankind. Although over time their beliefs and succumb to the easy criticism, and they recognized the faithfulness to the traditions is just shouting about themselves, and they had no choice, and continue to insist on this position.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Греции. Фото

Speaking of the modern Greeks, we note their quite good self-esteem. They, of course, can not boast of even a minimum share of virtues and exploits of their ancestors who managed to survive and preserve the traditions under the Turkish yoke, lasting more than 400 years. But, unfortunately, past them was the great era, which in the World’s history called the Renaissance. After all, this nation was at the forefront of discoveries of the enlightenment, the development of society, all kinds of revolutions, but being under the Turks for over four centuries they were forced to stand on the same level. It’s been about 150 years since the Greeks were able to enter into the present, but certain difficulties still stand in their way in an effort to reach the level of the West.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Греции. Фото

After all that, don’t tell, but Greece has lost about 3/4 of its territory, compared to the one that she previously belonged to, and this puts pressure on its population. A small country constantly under the fear of bankruptcy, its residents burdened with some complex not full value, which does not give the Greeks the peace, and to this day because the idea to revive the Great Greece remained just an idea. Towards the West the people from time to time show their dominance as they continue to believe in the exceptional intelligence, sincerity and courage of its people. Although there is a possibility that they could be wrong!

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Греции. Фото

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