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For traveler: interesting facts about Bali. Photo

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. ФотоInteresting facts about the life, traditions and customs of the island of Bali and its inhabitants.

On the island there are many shops where there is no specific price for the goods.

If You have a good “gift of gab”, the proposed cost can be reduced even in a few times!

Motorbike in Bali, you can rent only$ 60 per month or ~$ 4 a day.

Bali is famous for its low prices and delicious food. Enjoy a meal here for as little as 1.5$, an interesting fact.

Wild monkeys on the island – it is unforgettable emotions for tourists and the boring everyday life for local residents.

The largest number of tourists coming from Australia, Japan and China. In recent years, it has dramatically increased the number of tourists from the CIS countries.

Interesting fact: on average Bali receives over 2.5 million tourists a year.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. Фото

The majority of the population works in the tourism sector, which is the main economic sector in the Indonesian province.

At one time Balinese ATMs you can withdraw a little more than 300$.

The Balinese celebrate the New year on the calendar Saki (Indian lunar calendar) in a rather unusual way: all day pass in silence, no one leaves the house, and all public institutions, shops and offices are closed. It’s all about the legend which says that if in the New year, the demons do not hear the people, then leave without bringing evil. Before the holiday is usually carried out various ceremonies of purification, an interesting fact.

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The island covers 5780 km2.

Prices for budget accommodation starting from $10, and renting for long term (week or month) even cheaper. A house in Ubud (city yoga), you can rent for just $ 450 per month.

In Bali people are divided into 4 castes, as in India. Brahmins the highest caste in the island, its representatives are engaged in spiritual enlightenment and religion. Sudras – common Balinese workers. They make up more than 75% of the population of the island.

Interesting fact: Bolivians are very welcoming and hospitable people, but this does not apply to tourists from Indonesia.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. Фото

Language in Bali is depends on the caste, and is usually divided into 3 levels: noble, medium and simple. You cannot refer to a person, not indicating his caste.

The highest point of the island is the volcano Gunung Agung. Height of 3142 m. Its eruption is considered to be the wrath of the gods and a harbinger of worst times. At the foot of the volcano is the main temple of Bali Pura Besakikh, which is called the mother of all temples, interesting fact.

The permanent population is about 4 million.

In Bali there is a ceremony rounding of the upper teeth that most resemble the tusks and teeth of animals. This is not just a tribute to the centuries-old traditions, and the deliverance of man from the animal characteristics and the suppression of evil in the face of 6 in Bali, mortal sins: lust, greed, anger, sadness, arrogance, jealousy and alcoholism.

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Interesting fact: usually cutting the teeth is done before the person joining in the marriage bond, and even if the person died.

The most important and indispensable product in Bali is rice. It is believed that this food of the gods, so he is present at all festivals, rituals and ceremonies. Rice protects from evil spirits and gives harmony with nature.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. Фото

The majority of the population ~85% are Hindus, more than 13% Islam, Christians are about 2%, an interesting fact.

A favorite pastime of Balinese cock fights are. Fighting roosters cherished no less than children, they live in the house, and the honour of sitting on the lap of the owner.

After a divorce, women have no rights to children, and may take only those things that came to the house of her husband.

Interesting fact: the climate here is divided into only two seasons: rain (winter-spring) and dry (summer-autumn).

The people of Bali are very carefully placed to their right hand and consider it a sacred part of the body. To eat, to transfer items and taking only the right hand. Otherwise, it could lead to huge trouble.

Only on the island built more than 19.5 thousand temples!

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. Фото

The most popular sport in Bali is surfing. For many years from all over the world come here to the fans of this sport, an interesting fact.

Туристу на заметку: интересные факты о Бали. Фото

Around the world the island is known as “the last Paradise on earth”!

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