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For traveler: eight things that are not made abroad

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границейIgnorance of these rules may result in confusion or problems.

Tourist guides are full of wording in the spirit of “five things that you must do in…”. To visit, to try, to drink, to be photographed in Paris, Rome, new York, Tokyo and so on. But the warnings of seasoned travellers about what not to do in this or that country, are much rarer. It is clear that in any corner of the world better not to be in conflict with local, not to get involved with alcohol and not to tempt thieves wallet, invitingly sticking out of his back Trouser pocket, or expensive appliances, exposed. But there are other nuances, the ignorance of which might result in embarrassment or problems.

Japan: no tipping

In the land of the rising sun so many things incomprehensible to Europeans: forty women, indistinguishable in appearance from twenty-year girls, people, “working” road signs, incredibly reverent attitude to work… the List is endless. But one rule is very important for tourists — nowhere do not leave a tip. If you leave the trifle on the table, the waiter frightened and will try to return it to you, because in Japan, money left over the bill, is not praise, and the desire in the future to make finally its work fine. For the Japanese, bent on the work and benefit, it is worse than slapping, so it is better to replace the tip with a generous smile and a slight bow.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

UAE: no manifestation
United Arab Emirates — let the country and the resort, but still strictly adhering to the rules of Islam. And tourists is also a concern. Its power has long been forbidden for tourists to walk the streets and beaches in “obscene” (that is, for example, with open hands and feet, and women with uncovered head), but not the only one. So, even in the resort areas, where, apparently, only the newcomers, it is forbidden to kiss. And it’s not just unseemly, but a good reason for local to go to the police, after which violators may be ordered to pay substantial fines.
It remains to add that in the UAE there are other rules, many of which are common to Arab countries. For example, it is improper to give the interlocutor the left hand or pass anything with the left hand (especially food). The left hand is considered unclean, as originally it was intended to perform certain acts of personal hygiene.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

Saudi Arabia: the inexorable laws of

In Saudi Arabia you cannot bring in objects related to whatever religions, except Islam. The crucifixion and the Bible can be withdrawn directly at the airport, like alcohol, bacon or any other pork products (of course, if you come to mind to take them with you). Women, including foreign women, are not allowed on the streets without an Abaya — a long black garment that conceals the figure. However, in so-called compounds — communities where foreigners live in isolation, allowed all, including walking the streets in shorts and even to prepare the wine, of course, if someone secretly takes you to wine yeast or anything like that. It should be noted that tourist visa Saudi Arabia does not issue, so to get into the country either for work or as a family member of someone who goes here on a long trip, or if you are a pilgrim headed for Mecca. In all three cases will have to sweat to get permission to enter the country.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

Morocco and Turkey: tea is more than tea

Communicating with local in Morocco or Turkey, in any case do not refuse the offered glass of tea. In doing so it will offend anyone who offers you a drink. No matter where it happens — in the restaurant where you were served tea as an aperitif, though you didn’t order it in the souvenir shop, where fragrant steaming Cup brought to you by the seller-owner, and especially if you were in the hotel. Tea is a sign of respect and affection.
Another thing that you should remember to girls in Morocco and Turkey should not shake hands with men’s hand, even if you are used to it at home. Such a gesture is considered here as a commitment to a very close acquaintance.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

Singapore bans attraction

That Singapore banned a bit more than the all heard, of course, many. In fact, it is not so, but restrictions in the country are still many, and the penalties for violators are just space. For example, the famous tale about the ban of chewing gum is fiction. You can chew, but by gum is problematic, but if you get caught behind a lump of sticky adhesion to anything, will have to pay.
In Singapore it is impossible to fish with signs No fishing hanging literally everywhere. Can’t eat or drink in the subway, even SIP water from a bottle! In addition, in the subway are not permitted to sleep. And in Singapore it is not necessary to feed birds in the journey to this Asian country you will meet many a warning about fines in case of violation of this rule of signs with corresponding pictures.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

China: rules of etiquette

In China should be very careful while crossing the street. The movement is crazy, so just not worth it to screw around with. Still don’t drink water from the tap, even if it seems pure: the risk of poisoning is too great.
A few specific rules concern the behavior at the table. So, it is better not to stick sticks in rice and other dishes — turns out it’s a memorial tradition. But if you eat in the restaurant the fish you can’t turn it backwards, because according to local beliefs, this means that you want the fisherman of the crash his boat. Another rude and impolite gesture — to point person with chopsticks. Fortunately, the Chinese are still sympathetic to the newcomers and forgive their unintentional mistakes.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

USA: be careful with children

In the States there are many strange and even funny laws. In Alaska, for example, you cannot transport a dog on the roof of the car, and in California — shoot game from the car window. It is forbidden to sleep on the roadway, and in some places illegal and hitchhiking. But there is in US some serious common rules, and one relates to other people’s children. In no case can not touch it, photograph it, offer them candy. To such things, even from tourists, the attitude is very serious, the local can call the police immediately.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

Benelux: watch your step
The Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) are famous for a fanatical attitude to the local two-wheeled transport. A significant portion of the urban stream consists of cyclists who are full members of the movement, as evidenced by special markings on the roadway, as well as an abundance of bike lanes. It is not necessary to stand on them, walk on them or cross them unnecessarily, otherwise you can quickly provoke a traffic accident.

Туристу на заметку: восемь вещей, которые не принято  делать за границей

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