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For traveler: an extraordinary tradition in Bangladesh. Photo

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. ФотоAnother amazing country.

In Bangladesh low prices and have something to look at, but taking the decision to visit the country, it is better to know in advance about the strange local habits.

In their language there is no letter “z”

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

In Bengali — Bengali language has no letter “z” and, accordingly, such a sound, so many words in English pronunciation of people in Bangladesh sounds very unusual for Europeans. For example, “zero” (zero) they will say like “Giro” and the popular Arab (the majority of Bangladeshis are Muslims), the name Zayd (Zaid) is converted then automatically at GID.

They have no rules on the roads

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

The rules on the roads here does not exist. Exactly. No. The main tool of traffic control — audio signal. Honking all, everywhere and always. Therefore, in Bangladesh, it is not recommended to take rent a car for travel, it is better to take a car with driver.

They don’t walk

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Another feature of the local transport — rickshaws. It is because of them the average travel speed in the city does not exceed 30 km/h, and on small streets so generally drops to 10 km/h. Rickshaws are all, without exception. Generally, if you see pedestrians in Bangladesh — a rarity. Even if you have to go 500 m to the grocery store, the guy in Bangladesh will go in the rickshaw.

They can fall into the sewer

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Write about the dirt in Dhaka makes no sense, however, if you do not want to litter, then you will have to wait until the hotel — the city has no polls. No.

In addition, there is no Central sewage system and treatment plants, to which we are accustomed, the whole sewer system is a concrete gutter laid under the sidewalks. Human waste directly drain into the lake or river, and then into the Bay of Bengal. Moreover, pedestrians have to be very careful while driving on sidewalks — often they make the hole to clean that out of ignorance can easily fail.

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They arrange fights bus

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Buses in Bangladesh is mastodons, fossil units, which, I feel, are flocking here from all over Asia, and only after major accidents. To find at least a relatively difficult — most of them painted at least a dozen times, so the paint peels off in chunks and bits at least a thousand times. You can often watch the battle of the buses when a stop of about one misses the other and they start deliberately each other “butt” and push, freeing his place.

They have the whole country watching cricket

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Cricket is by far the most important game for any Bangladeshi. For his team, they hurt the whole country, and if there is a match, then watch it be all — in cafes, at the office, in stores. Every earned point will be accompanied by shouts of approval.

And it’s not just the spectacle — every self-respecting Bangladeshi and he plays cricket. Who has the money — fields, who has not — in the yard and on the roads. In the cities, specially organized open areas where everyone can play their favorite game. To find the free space on them, especially on a weekend, is a big problem.

They have no alcohol, but there is a betel nut

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

As in many other Muslim countries (although this is not stated officially), here don’t sell alcohol. If you try, you can still find it, but you have to contact local Dating. Also alcohol is at duty free at the airport and in major hotels, but prices are unlikely to please the tourist. So, if necessary, better to take it with him. However, there are no problems with the cigarettes that are sold on every corner, and with the betel nut can also be bought almost everywhere.

Their women work in heavy work

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Because of the extremely low standard of living in Bangladesh, women are forced to work equally with men (roadworks, earthworks, residential construction). Often at the beginning and at the end of the day are visible on the streets, the whole group of women (usually from the province), which go somewhere with their tools: a hoe and a small basin.

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They ride on the roofs

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Imagine in the territory, which is 116 times smaller than Russia, approximately the same number of people!

Therefore, one of the characteristic features of the movement here is the placement on the roof — whether it be train or bus. Especially during major holidays, when all workers go home to the village from Dhaka by train. At this time, transport cannot be seen literally. How it looks, you can see in the photo-project “My Planet”.

However, in the end of the day all the roofs of buses filled with “hares”. The reason for this is the extremely low standard of living and the reluctance and often inability to pay the fare. In holidays to the “hares” join those who simply do not fit inside the transport.

They live on the water

Туристу на заметку: необычные традиции в Бангладеш. Фото

When you land in Dhaka, it seems that downstairs is one large lake and is the chassis now the plane will release the floats, as amphibian. Really, at the international airport of Dhaka, only a landing strip is not in the water and all, where there is concrete, it is covered. Because of this, here in the winter (the most favorable climatic conditions for tourism) quite a lot of mosquitoes. Of course, in Bangladesh, everywhere water, and most of the houses standing on the land, but as the whole country is located at the level of the oceans, the ground water are very high, and rainy season too much. It is from this any depression almost immediately turns into a puddle or pond. By the way, scientists around the world agreed on the fact that Bangladesh faces a virtually complete disappearance (or rather, flooding), even with the slightest warming of climate and increase of world ocean level.

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