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For these dishes you should go to Prague

Ради этих блюд стоит отправиться в ПрагуThree dishes that are worth a try in your journey through the Czech capital.

Bridges, towers, churches, cobblestones, river, hills. All these words are associated with the Czech capital, Prague. Ancient, noble, majestic Prague has a unique, incomparable with other European capitals look. Business card of the city – they are the main attractions on any Souvenirs from the thimble and postcards to other details. But there’s something in the air what to bring friends, family and loved ones does not work. It is the scent of the Prague streets.

The history of the city may be subject to write a separate article, but the smells of the city has not changed since its Foundation. Once in the center of Prague 1, you feel that in the air mixed a few flavors from sweet to coal Veselye-hop.


Ради этих блюд стоит отправиться в Прагу

Almost every street you can find the tent with the national delicacy – trdelnik. Its recipe is simple and easy, as well, and the whole of medieval food. The form of this delicacy reminds all known of his childhood, a tube of puff pastry. However, this tube is baked on the coals. Stuffing for treats serves ice cream, Nutella, berries. Vanilla, the smell of the dough, steaming coals. All this creates a unique sweet-tart smell inherent only in Prague.

Boar knee

Ради этих блюд стоит отправиться в Прагу

This is another calling card of the Czech Republic and Prague. Rarely seen a restaurant in Old Prague, where there was no goulash, dumplings and the famous Boar knee. Often, on the street in front of the terrace of the restaurant has a skewer which fried young pig. Knee – baked crust part of the pork leg. Usually served with mustard and greens. Experts recommend garnish to the knee to take salad with homemade goat cheese, roasted beets, salad leaves and olive oil and, of course, dark beer tank. Due to the thick crust is baked and the meat retains moisture, it is easily separated into fibers. As a rule, one serving of food is taken based on two guests.


Ради этих блюд стоит отправиться в Прагу

Light or dark, filtered or not. But make sure the tank or just brewed here in the restaurant. Czechs rarely buy bottled or canned beer, the cost in local stores is significantly lower than on beer at bars and restaurants.

What kind of tank beer is and why it is drunk locals? Dance – the capacity in which beer is poured at the factory; in another way, it is called kigoi. Dance in the larger kegs, it is usually the tank of stainless steel, where the beer is not stored longer than three days. It is not pasteurized and retains the flavor and the beneficial elements of the drink.

Local regulars pubs claim that tankove pivo almost medicinal drink. Already eleven in the morning, as soon as the bar opens, they take a beer and read Newspapers. Even beer is sold in the cafeterias at higher education institutions. Related to this drink is very unique in this country. Its taste is really different from the rest of the beer. Sweet, not tart, not bitter, no alcohol taste. Great beer go snack of cheese or sausage and sausages cooked on the grill.

Nice tip

Ради этих блюд стоит отправиться в Прагу

Traveling in Prague, you can focus on the smell. Remembered visually small restaurants, the appearance of which is perfectly complemented by delicious cuisine. One has only to listen to yourself and follow your nose, it will never fail. Oh and one more little tip: don’t leave home with a full stomach, leave slightly hungry and then you won’t be able to deny yourself the pleasure to taste delicious food.

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