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For the summer cottage: dramatically increased the rental cost of houses near Kiev

Дача на лето: резко выросла стоимость аренды домов под КиевомDemand for holiday homes in 2017 is less than in 2016.

With the beginning of the summer season 2017 in Kiev sharply raised the rent of country houses. So, if an ordinary house with an area of about 100 sq m in 20-30 km from the capital cost of 5 thousand UAH, now er that amount increased to 6-7 thousand hryvnia.

It should be noted that such property is the greatest demand, because it can be reached from Kiev no more than an hour. However, houses are trying to take 10-12 months to find housing for one summer is not easy. The more tenants interested in the suburbs, the quicker they grow prices.

As told by private Kiev realtor Alexander Gramnesty, rental houses, for example, in Irpen direction rose from 4.5 thousand to 7 thousand hryvnia. In modern cottage and all the price tags start from 20 thousand UAH/month.

Of course, there are more options available, but you need to be prepared for not very komfortnym conditions in the form of facilities on the street, old furniture and other things. Despite this, due to the price increased demand for cottages in the cooperatives with three-six acres of land with the possibility of harvesting on the plot.

“The most popular price range — from 1 to 3 thousand UAH/month. Already, the protracted economically unstable situation in the country leads most of the tenants to think about the advisability of renting a house not only in summer but all year round, including for the purpose of growing and harvesting”, — said managing Director of ARPA Real Estate Michael Artyukhov.

Except for the price people are interested in for summer and a standard set of benefits: the presence of nearby forests and clear open water (very appreciated gums). In the course of environmentally friendly places, so many potential tenants sidestep at home in Bortnichi and Zhulyany.

In addition to activities in the village, tenants are often interested in their immediate neighbors. Moreover, not only nearby homes, but located near villages — prisons, psychiatric hospitals and so on.

The most popular destinations among the people of Kiev on the Left Bank — Boryspil, on the Right — Zhitomir and Odessa. The latter — more expensive. It is understood that the cost in this segment the concept of “floating”. All depends not only on the condition of the house, location and infrastructure, but also on the personal calculations of the owner.

If we talk about rental houses in the precincts of Kiev, the most economical options are now offered in the area of cotton, Husbandman, Kurenevka, Nivok, Berkovtsah. This summer, here you can find a rent of 7 thousand hryvnias. In Bortnichi house will cost, stratous of 15 thousand UAH/month.

From 13 to 22 thousand UAH will be asked for a house in the capital Osokorki and Rusanivsky gardens. But here owners are trying to rent housing for long term (from one year), as these areas are the Spa area. When renting for the summer the cost can increase by an average of 3-5 thousand UAH/month.

At least 27 thousand UAH ask the owners of houses in goloseyevsky and Solomenskiy areas of the capital.

If you want to get away from the city, in the Kiev region will be the most accessible Recreation, Puff, Happy and Mount — they cost about 8 thousand UAH/month. Approximately 7 to 12 thousand UAH per month will cost home in Boyarka, bobrytsya, tarasivka or Irpen.

From 10 to 18 thousand UAH will have to pay for rent in Hatne, Sophia and Paul Borshchagovke, the Seagulls, the Shepherds, Khotov, Vite Mail, Pushcha Vodytsya, Vyshgorod, Khotyanivka and novosilky.

If you are lucky, you can find more affordable options. For example, three-room house of 100 square meters in the village rohoziv, Boryspil district with all necessary for a quiet life amenities (furniture, bathroom, appliances, garden plot, near the forest and the lake) the owner rents for 4 thousand hryvnia.

In the settlement of city type of Kotsyubinskoye, Kiev, under which, for a two-bedroom house at 95 sq m will ask about 6 thousand hryvnias. For the money you will receive a boiler, gas boiler, washing machine.

In the village of Kalynivka, Vasylkiv district for a smaller house, with two rooms, put will have about 3.5 thousand.

As noted by Kiev realtor, member of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Inna Shulepova, most in demand standard not very large house about 100 square meters, has a modern design without frills. They are usually built on new technologies, warm and, most importantly, economical. But the market is small, as before it was decided to build large houses and then not so much thought about the cost of maintenance of the house. By the way, the price tag for the lease should be added, and payment of utility bills. Summer gas is used only for cooking of food is around 10-15 cubic meters 6, 90 cubic meters for Electricity now of 1.68 per 1 kW.

“In the presence of water boiler, electric kettle and other devices, it turns out 250-300 kWh per month. If for heating of hot water use gas boiler or Combi boiler, the gas flow will be much greater,” said Gramnesty.

Total, according to Shulepova, in the summer house of 100 sq m will have to pay on average about 200-500 UAH/month for electricity and same for gas. A lot depends on how the water is heated — electric boiler or gas boiler/heater (usually it goes well). Internet in the suburbs costs about UAH 150/month and about 100 UAH a month for garbage removal.

As told by certified realtor an “КупиDом” Artem Moroz, the demand for homes in 2017 is less than in 2016. But this is because the main peak of activity of tenants accounts for the month of may, and it has just begun.

In the main house near Kiev shoot a family of three to five people, and cheap enough, but you need to be ready for 5-6 thousand UAH you will get a summer cottage with the convenience in the yard, cold water and old furniture.

“Now the demand is for homes in the area 15-30 thousand UAH/month, mostly to rent for the warm summer season,” — said the expert.

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