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For the newlyweds and their guests collapsed roof of the hotel during the rehearsal dinner

British Sara and John Wenham (Sarah and John Wenham) is not one year saving up for the wedding of their dreams. The triumph cost him a round sum — about 25 thousand pounds (about two million). All because the bride and groom wanted to hold a celebration in Cuba, where and brought their guests. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But their lives were in danger when they literally hit the roof of the hotel Sol Rio De Luna y Mares, where he was to undergo the ceremony. As a result of the incident many guests suffered serious injuries.

35-year-old Sarah said: “We are all gathered in the lobby to meet with staff to discuss the details of the ceremony, when John noticed that the ceiling began to move.”

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Sarah continued: “the Roof crashed down on us and pinned beneath the debris of us with guests. The items were heavy and I couldn’t even move. I was terrified because I couldn’t get to his daughter. I heard she was screaming and crying under the rubble”.

“I saw that I stop thinking about the blood. At this point I thought I was going to die,” shared Sarah.

When John saw a loose ceiling, he began to cry and Sarah and their nine year old daughter MIA, so they ran away and shoving them toward the exit. When the ceiling collapsed, Jon was left with a 20-month-old daughter penny and covered her with his body from the wreckage.

John said: “When we found Sara under the rubble, we needed a few people to rescue it from there. After this incident we felt terrible — took so many people to the event, spent a lot of money for the wedding of our dreams, and then this happened”.

John and Sarah decided to get married and pretended that nothing happened. But upon returning home, they filed a lawsuit against the tour operator who arranged their “dream trip”.

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