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For the holidays crafts in Belarus formed a line for free bread

На праздники ремесел в Белоруссии образовалась очередь за бесплатным хлебомEveryone loves free food, especially seniors.

At the festival of crafts in Slutsk formed a line for free bread. To artisans queues were observed.

That a holiday in the city, you can understand metal detectors at the area and police patrols in the center.

The craftsmen who represent the crafts at the regional holiday, queues were not observed. Sluchane considered the masterpieces of craftsmen, but the wallets were in no hurry to deliver more – even prices were not asked how was the fair, and a Museum.

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But the people who stood near the tent of the Slutsk bakery, where conducted a master class on painting gingerbread and was treated to free bread “With a glass of bacon people have no money,” remarked one of the guests of the festival.

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