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For the first time obtained a detailed image of dark matter

Впервые получено подробное изображение темной материиDark matter can bend gravity space.

Dark matter, which scientists estimate is 25 percent of the mass of the Universe emits no electromagnetic radiation and does not interact with it. As a result, it is completely transparent and cannot be seen in the usual way. Nevertheless it has gravity affecting the motion of galaxies and the distribution of matter in the Universe, forming its coarse structure.

Dark matter is also able to bend gravity space, changing the trajectory of light rays. This leads to the effect of gravitational lensing, when the object behind the clump of dark matter becomes distorted. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The researchers analyzed photographs of the sky taken with a Telescope Canada —France — Hawaii, which is on the top of the volcano Mauna Kea. They were looking for a gravitational lens, which could be a sign of the existence of invisible threads connecting the closest galaxies or galactic clusters. The researchers then made a map, which showed that between the two galaxies distant from each other by 40 million years of light space, there is a persistent structure of dark matter.

Although earlier researchers have reported about the registration of filaments of dark matter between the galaxies, the exact distribution of matter remained unknown. In the new study, astronomers have developed methods to determine its location with reduced error.

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