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For the first time in history: man swimming around the UK. Video

Впервые в истории: мужчина вплавь обогнул Великобританию. ВидеоRoss Edgley has been in the water for 157 days.

Sunday, November 4, at 09:00 local time residents of the city of Margate, located in the English County of Kent, went on shore to welcome the 33-year-old Briton Ross Edgley, who became the first person to swim round the UK.

His swim was the longest in history. Ross entered the water on June 1. He overcame in the end distance 2 879 miles, never out on the land! Edgley has been in the water for 157 days!

Desperate, the British had planned that he will be able to complete your incredible swim for 100 days. So the first thing he said, coming on 4 November on the shore and seeing his relatives and his girlfriend was, “Sorry I’m late!” All around laughed.

Ross swam in a wetsuit, no flippers and paddles for swimming. He was accompanied by his professional catamaran sailor Matthew knight. Knight followed that with Edgley everything was in order, so he rested and ate. During the race the Briton burned an estimated 505 thousand calories. The nutrition program has been developed for the Ross specialists. A very important role in the diet played bananas. Edgley ate 640 pieces. He admits that is a long way to see them. But still with a smile left the autographs on bananas, coming ashore.

Every day the average Briton sailed for about 12 miles. The longest one-time swim made up of 33.4 kilometer. This distance has been covered in 5 hours and 25 minutes. Knight says that sometimes the tides helped Edgley speeds of 8.7 per node. It is just over 16 kilometers per hour. “With such speed swim dolphins,” said knight. But there were days when the cold currents and winds hampered the promotion of Ross forward. Edgley caught in a few storms.

However, this does not compare with the main trouble, which had to face the swimmer – jellyfish. There were many, and they often attacked the British. “Their bites are very painful. Once I thought I went blind. Indeed, I saw nothing, and his face was very thick. I poked my head out and asked Matthew, “What’s happening?” He said, “you Have a jellyfish stuck to my face!” It was a horrible feeling. Eye was only saved by my mask. Tear the jellyfish was not that easy,” says Edgley.

And the most wonderful day in Bristol Bay. “I spent three days battling strong currents, suddenly beneath me appeared a Northern minke whale. Keith accompanied me for five miles. And it helped me to overcome the most dangerous part. I think it was female, and she took me for a calf or a wounded seal. So I decided to help. I am infinitely grateful to her,” said Edgley.

When Ross had rounded the Cape of land’s End in the South West of the UK, from a long stay in salt water he has a swollen tongue. He couldn’t breathe, and swim was in jeopardy.

Ross Edgley is already registered in the Guinness Book of records for his previous achievements. In April 2016 it took 19 hours to climb the rope to a height equal to the height of mount Everest. And two months before that, ran a marathon, dragging the car.

His new test, he was called the Great British swim.

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