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For the best comment to that smile we give a book :)

Definitely, the mockery of death to the inhabitants of the Zone Horror like. The last contest funny signatures proved it once again. Really interesting, funny and amusing comments had accumulated more than enough in the voting process in our great public winner (“the prize of spectator sympathies”) became the next option:

But fellow Pov Shake, the author of this version, we will disappoint a little: the voting public does not ensure anyone a victory, it only increases the chances of her because in the end, the number gets the most likes on the public versions of the choice is already an internal vote of the editorial Board. And here wins the rozenstal for this signature:

Our condolences to the silver prize-winner and congratulations to the winner who will link up during the day to find out his address – will be sent where his reward is.

Well, a new contest and a new prize is here! The rules of the game are still the same – come up with a funny caption for the still from the film – by the way, learn what this movie? One comment = one variant of the signature. A number of comments from a participant is not limited (as, I hope, there is no limit and your sense of humor). And as a reward – the anthology “13 killers”. The book was published in 2015, sold not without scandals, but quite successfully and now is a rarity. The winner she can get (according to your wishes) autographed by the author and originator, since he is – that is, I is also the chief editor of Horror Zone 🙂

So, go ahead! Go for it, maniacs!

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