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For smartphones will come up with driving mode

Для смартфонов придумают водительский режимAnalogous to “flight mode” of mobile gadgets should simplify the smartphone interface.

National authority for road safety USA (NHTSA) has proposed to create a special regime for mobile gadgets, which will allow drivers to be less distracted from the road while driving — Driver Mode. This is stated in the message on the official website of the organization.

It is assumed that the equivalent of “flight mode” of mobile gadgets should simplify the interface of the smartphone to motorists easier and faster to find the necessary functions. According to experts, this decision will significantly reduce the time drivers spend on the use of gadgets.

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In NHTSA believe that a special mode of operation of the gadget can be activated both manually and automatically. For example, when the device is connected to the multimedia complex of the car, and the car starts moving.

Driver Mode, as planned by the developers of the project should not only simplify the interface of the mobile device, but also be fully deactivated for driving certain functions. For example, viewing video and images, as well as apps for reading books.

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In this earlier American Foundation for highway safety the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety has published a study according to which the voice control some functions of cars distract drivers from the road more than use while driving mobile gadget.

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