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For robots created mimicking muscle material

Для роботов создали имитирующих мускулы материалScientists independently with the aid of forceps caused the necessary reaction substances.

Researchers have developed mikrostrukturirovannykh substance that can develop stress and to accumulate the mechanical energy. Creation scientists are encouraged by the muscles of vertebrates. Such material may be useful in the manufacture of soft robots. The results presented in the journal Physical Review E.

Skeletal muscles of vertebrates have special structures at the micro level, it allows the animals to develop stress and to restore lost tone. This provides the architecture of connections between the parallel fibers of the muscles, which are connected by transverse pins. This structure directly affects the mechanical properties of the entire body. A material with such a structure and properties can be very useful when creating robots.

In the new study, the researchers created a similar artificial material, whose elements can exist in several geometric configurations. Switching between them, the substance may have the same functions as the muscles. The authors demonstrated the development, creating a special hole in a square piece of rubber. If the object is to compress, the holes can react to it in different ways, for example, to move together in one direction, to raspustitsya in the horizontal or vertical direction. Each position can store a different amount of mechanical energy in the form of elastic deformation, and the transition between them leads to the fact that in the direction perpendicular to compression, there is a force.

The main advantage of the material is its modularity, i.e. the ability to create large objects from small items. A similar set can develop the power of different magnitudes and directions. In the first experiments, the researchers themselves with the help of the tweezers caused the necessary reaction substances. Now they are working on a system that can be remotely control.

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