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For purchasing the tracker prison no longer shines

The Russian authorities are dreaming of how to quickly hide all the population of Russia’s prisons to see the sky in hestego can, at times, even something completely harmless, for example, for the purchase of GPS tracker in China. But soon this will come to an end, Natalia Poklonskaya decided to correct the current flaws in some laws of Russia.

So prepared by Natalia Polonskaya, the bill introduces changes in article 138.1 of the criminal code “trafficking of special technical means”, which now may lead to move in a very tiny cell for four years. The amendments will prohibit the use of private entities to criminal liability for the purchase of “devices for surreptitious obtaining of information”.
Apparently, they also include a compact camera, so soon to buy them can be quite safely come to the post office and to get acquainted with the interior of the police “Bobik”. The bill of Natalia Polonskaya is already approved by the expert Committee for security and combating corruption, and soon it will be submitted for consideration to the state Duma. What will be his fate is unclear, but a useful laws in our country are accepted, to put it mildly, rare.

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