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For perch on thin ice

In the first weeks freeze-up to ice cold water better than other fish usually adapt a medium-sized perch-travanti, constantly living in shallow water, where water has long been cold. Therefore, at the beginning of winter, when doing a large number of holes easily, the most venturesome and profitable fishing in the coastal area of small and large bodies of water when used as bait narrow silver blestki.

As a rule, despite the shallow depth, “striped” caught in half-waters, and under the ice, where they “squeeze” a bunch of little things, depriving it of freedom. In technical and tactical terms trolling perch at the beginning of the ice requires the angler in the first place, sparing no effort and time to find the area of shallow water accumulations, as they say, perches “spots”. Here the predators are hunting the pack — only in this case the bass are most active, is in the passion and so instantly attacks the lure, which appeared in his field of vision.

To the excitement of the predator was not extinguished, and even more intensified, it is necessary to maintain a high rate of catching, trying out of the hole once the predator instantly apply the bait in the water. Experienced bleszinski, even in spite of the small depth of fishing, however, after each trophy is a bit shorten the line, which reduces the immersion of the lure to the bottom and forces the flock of perches to climb higher and higher, sometimes under the ice, to the limit increases the speed of catching. However, this can only be done in cloudy weather, since under the ice perch does not like overly bright light.

To maintain the necessary high speed perch on parvaldu helps and the right choice of lures. While the fish is very active and frequently attacks the bait on the stage of its vertical fall in the water, there’s no real need to use lures with some fine, tempting game, which is more important at the time of gluhozime.

When good Kleve, on the contrary, in order not to break a compact pack of predators under the hole, it is better to use a relatively heavy, a little deviant when diving from the vertical bait than spinners prowl or planning far to the side. Catchability to the spinners, on each cycle of trolling “working” just a point, for example, include bait called “carnations”, “column”, “Malek” — narrow in form, with small bending of the body and substantially weighted at the bottom.

In recent times excellent results in the bass at the beginning of freeze-up gives a new bait is called “Balda”, which are difficult to attribute as jigs and lures. Most importantly, “Balda”, represents the longitudinal the shape of the sinker with two hooks on leashes, doesn’t have his own game and technique of fishing, like jigging, moves only vertically.

The growth of ice fishing is no longer confined to coastal fishing, and fishing is relatively small, standard-sized perch, the weight of which seldom exceeds 200 grams. In many reservoirs, especially large reservoirs, lakes, deep pits, river basins characterized by different habitat conditions and developed forage base, there is always a range of big deep bass. This is a serious predator, a way of life which differs markedly from the habits of its smaller and slow-growing-brother, but “interests” they sometimes overlap, as well as feeding grounds of both do not have clearly defined boundaries. Also large bass known cannibal, devouring large quantities of small perch as the most affordable food in the icy water, so mater “striped” may manifest itself near the detected concentrations of small perch.

Large perch rarely form large schools. So with baubles on them, and here is for walleye and pike, the best time to hunt in the characteristic places of their winter habitat. Better, with the consolidation of ice, go to large bodies of water. There is fisherman’s luck, you should look for the characteristic bottom topography and at considerable depths — wherever bite large groupers were observed during spinning fishing at the time of the pre-winter. For deep fishing necessary and appropriate tackle is the more powerful and mobile than for fishing in shallow water. Power is provided by her solid whip on the rod and applying a thin fishing line braided line, is not excessive and the metal leash. The bait is desirable to use a sufficiently heavy that can own weight to spin has been removed from the brake coil and to quickly get to the horizon. In addition, no matter in what stage was the winter season, good size seabass rarely responds positively to lures with excessively active, as a potential forage large predatory fish at great depths in the winter is the slow way of life.

So during the winter, while large bass are fairly active, his most consistently caught on relatively heavy balance weights of certain models of the massive and narrow vertical spinners, characterized by a monotonic game. To equip the latter, as practice shows, the most important thing is to not use a soldered hook, and suspended a three-way, only slightly, not densely pubescent with red hairs because of excessive “embellishment” often spoils a good game of bait.

Equipment movable tee is helpful for the reason that the deep bass usually does grip spinner not when its dumping down, as does the small “striped”, and at the stage of oscillations is not even the most bait, and her “decorated” hooks. Therefore, when jigging at great depths, as with the balancer and with a vertical spinner the lure should pull up sharply and at high altitude, that may scare cautious fish. Technically competent to raise the bait with a small acceleration to a height of 10-50 cm and is free to drop down, where its fall will slow down and soften the friction of the fishing line in the water and the edge of the ice in the hole. It is very important each cycle of Troll-bait, consisting of a lifting and dumping, to repeat one by one, then in the presence of fish under the hole the bite will happen sooner or later.

Trolling predator — it is very “intimate”, then any interference from others and, worse, randomly, awkwardly twitching under water baits can completely ruin hardly a streamlined process of fishing. So don’t “loose” the angler, who found catchability place, it is better to look for “their” fish, the more that do it on thin ice quite easily. And fishing ethics should be paramount, otherwise each “obrusevshih” the other sooner or later he would be in the unenviable role of “chopped”.

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