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For military enter the medical standards of NATO

Для военных введут медицинские стандарты НАТОThe implementation of the doctrine should lead to the improvement of the health system soldiers.

The Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on Wednesday, October 31 approved the Military medical doctrine.

The document consists of introduction, five chapters and final provisions.

So, the military medical doctrine is a set of views, scientific principles, common organizational requirements for organization of medical support of military units, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, special purpose law enforcement functions.

The purpose of the doctrine is to preserve the life and health of servicemen by maximizing the effectiveness of their medical care through the integration capabilities of health services and health systems of the civilian population, training of the health care system of the state to provide medical care to the military during the special period, the emergency status, and other crisis situations.

Doctrine establishes a common organizational base medical services regardless of their subordination, a common understanding of the causes of declining combat capability of the military and how it could be improved, a common vision of the prevention, diagnosis and medical care, evacuation, treatment and rehabilitation of military, prevention of combat stress, the territorial principle of medical support of the military and its integration into the medical space of Ukraine.

It is emphasized that the principles and standards of medical service uniform for military and peace time.

According to the document, the introduction of international standards, principles and policies of medical support NATO carried out until 2020 by taking into account their requirements in the legislation.

With regard to the financial and resource provision, for the needs of the Armed forces provided for the production of domestic medical products and medicines, and to create a strategic reserve.

Provides that the state will promote the production of domestic land, water and air transport to evacuate the wounded.

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