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For life: American made tattoo Ukrainian bus

На всю жизнь: американец сделал татуировку украинской маршруткиIn Ukraine he arrived in 2016.

26-year-old Evan Sieradzki from USA once visited in Ukraine, made a tattoo bus. The guy initially worked as a Peace corps volunteer, himself a native of the U.S. state of Ohio.

Three months studied the Ukrainian language in Kozelets. Then moved to Repki, where he now works as a teacher of English.

Tattoo repkinsky bus Evan Sieradzki made themselves as hated this form of transport. He believes that it’s a hell of a minibus, which over time can go up to 50 people.

Previously, the mother had changed the name of the son because of a failed tattoo. The woman initially wanted to fill in the arm tattoos with names New daughter and son Kevin. Returning home, she found that instead of “Kevin” on the hand was Packed with “Kelvin”.

She returned to the salon, but the wizard only laughed at the mistake. And remembered that she did not check the sketch before applying. He returned to the woman’s money and gave the contacts where driving tattoo. Learn that tattoo removal is not very pleasant procedure, Johanna decided to name his son Calvin.

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