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For a nuclear power plant in France was attacked by the activists. Video

На атомную станцию во Франции напали активисты. ВидеоEight of the protesters was detained by the riot police.

On the territory of a nuclear power plant “Cattenom”, which is located 40 kilometers from the city of Metz in France slipped about 15 Greenpeace activists.

This was reported in Twitter of the organization. There’s also posted photos and video from the scene.

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The incident occurred early on the morning of October 12. Near a repository for spent nuclear fuel the fighters for the purity of environment has launched firecrackers and fireworks. The action they wanted to demonstrate the vulnerability of nuclear facilities.

The largest state power generation company France EDF, in its statement on the incident stated that the activists were quickly stopped. They do not penetrate to the nuclear area and the action does not affect the safety of installations.

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It is also reported that eight protesters had been arrested by a police SWAT team. All of them delivered to the site.

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