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Footage of the mass brawl of students with the police in Italy. Video

Кадры массовой драки студентов с полицейскими в Италии. ВидеоStudents of the University of Bologna came the mass protest.

In the Italian city of Bologna for two days (10-11 February – ed.) clashes between students and police. The activists are protesting against the installation of turnstiles at the entrance to the library of the faculty of Humanities.

Yesterday, February 10, after a procession through the centre of Bologna, the students tried to break through a police cordon and break into the building of the rectorate.

During the collision the police flying fireworks, glass bottles and debris. At least two people were arrested. No information on casualties.

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At the moment, the protest continues, it involved about a thousand students.

Mass discontent was caused by the fact that the University administration has installed turnstiles to prevent penetration to the library of people unrelated to the University, but made the library a place of their fees.

Note that a few thousand students signed a petition in support of the decision of the rectorate.

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