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Footage of the crash on the newest aircraft carrier of Britain. Video

Кадры аварии на новейшем авианосце Британии. ВидеоThe network posted a video with the accident on the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth

In the Internet appeared the video of the accident on the latest British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. The video appeared on the YouTube channel Weapons Of The World.

As you know, the ship joined the Royal Navy on 7 December of 2017, and the first problem was discovered on December 19. Fix a leak is planned for the Parking lot in Portsmouth.

Aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth worth 4.1 billion dollars for the first time went to sea June 26. The ship has a displacement of 70.6 thousand tons, its length is 282,9 meters and a width of 75 meters. Its deck can accommodate up to 40 aircraft.

Yesterday, 21 December, the water was lowered the British aircraft carrier Prince of Wales (“Prince of Wales”). Part of the Royal Navy ship will arrive in 2020.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales belong to the same class of British carriers, but due to the small upgrades the displacement of the ship increased by 3 thousand tons, making it the largest carrier in the country.

Earlier, Scottish Amateur photographer decided to shoot a new aircraft carrier of the Navy of great Britain “Queen Elizabeth” with the DJI Phantom quadcopter for your project on Facebook. However, during filming, a strong wind picked up, and the drone in auto mode, sat down on the deck of the ship. The man said that despite the fact that the emergency system usually avoids steel structure, the machine decided that the deck of an aircraft carrier — suitable platform. When the wind died down, the quadcopter without problems flew away, unnoticed.

And in December last year, the last remaining on the course of British aircraft carrier “Illustrious” sailed from Plymouth in his final voyage. The ship is sold to processing companies of Turkey. The Ministry of defence of Britain announced that the carrier sold for 2 million pounds (2.5 million dollars). Earlier, the British authorities assumed that “Illustris” can be stored in memory of the discontinued the carriers of the “invincible”.

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