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Footage of the arrest provokatorshu in Odessa. Video

Кадры задержания провокаторши в Одессе. ВидеоThe woman in the wig trying to impersonate another.

In Odessa on may 2 have been detained and deported from Ukraine Pro-Russian activist from Transnistria angelina Kramchaninova (Visions). She tried to impersonate another person

Video of the arrest posted on the YouTube channel “Oberig”.

As reported in the description to the video, Visions Angela G. 18.04.1969 – known in Odessa provocateur. Woman blacklisted Peacemaker website.

“Her career started in the beginning of 2014. Favorite topics – Russian peace, “Holy Orthodoxy” and “We are local people, and they visitors.” It is not surprising, but the angelina is a resident of the so-called “PMR”, a native of the city of Bendery. Odessa she visits strictly during the days of mass actions of the separatist persuasion. After which departs back home”, – stated in the message “Oberig”.

“Angelina comes always well instructed and directed for local separable Beau Monde. Before the active stage of the war in Ukraine, Angela was given a passport of citizen of Ukraine. And using the naive kindness of our state, Angela works hard to destabilize the situation in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Apparently, one of the separatist covens Angela had destroyed their Ukrainian documents. And yesterday she could not confirm his identity of a Ukrainian citizen. In consequence of which he was deported home in Bender (Transnistria)”, – stated in the description to the video.

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