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Following “Robocop” could be a direct sequel to the original film of 1987!

Sequels trikvela, prequels, reboot – at the present time in all of this wonder and get confused. Franchises already not arranged strictly in order and often do not have the usual connections. Moreover, the fashion is the practice of “ignore”. For example, Neil Blomkamp wanted to make a movie “Alien 5”, “forgetting” about the third and fourth parts. The new “Halloween” is going the same way, and the upcoming “Terminator” will make nekanon everything after the “judgment day”.

List cult films, ignoring the bad continue can Supplement “Robocop.” The original picture was published in 1987 and sunk into the soul of many fans, but the sequels (especially the third part) are not. And the remake of 2014 turned out painfully sterile.

Edward Neumeier, screenwriter of the first “Robocop”, plans to return to the dirty, the eyeballs filled with criminals of Detroit. In an interview in the framework of the Barbados Independent Film Festival, he said the following:

It’s nice that people are still interested in “Robocop.” Thanks right now I’m working on a new script for MGM, and perhaps we’ll get another movie. We can’t reveal much, but I will say this. There were a few paintings on the Robot-the police, recently was a remake, but another movie will be in the spirit of the old “Robocop”, the one everyone loves. From this we will make a start. So we are talking about the sequel to the first film, “old school.” At least in my head.

Damn, sounds interesting. How will they continue the story after all these years? Whether or not to participate Peter Weller? You can start to dream, although at first it would not hurt to wait for the official go-ahead from Hollywood. And how many projects announced, but the case never reached.

In any case, it’s interesting. Let’s get to the screens Robocop, and if so, in what form.

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