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Folk remedies will help to get rid of excessive sweating

Народные средства помогут избавиться от излишней потливостиAmong the recipes of traditional medicine are those that help to get rid of sweating.

The man is such that toxins and other harmful substances excreted through sweat.

Not exactly aesthetically pleasing method, but the other is not invented – our skin secretes sweat, which is accompanied by a specific smell. Completely cancel and block this process is not necessary is harmful to health. But to reduce its intensity and to Refine the expression is quite real. 32_result
2 liters of boiling water 6 tablespoons crushed chamomile blossoms and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir everything up, insist, filtered and the resulting solution wipe every day armpit.

Pour 1 teaspoon of oak bark in 1 Cup of boiling water, add lemon juice one fruit. This broth moistened cotton pad and wipe your armpits several times a day. This simple broth will greatly reduce the secretion of sweat glands.

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Mix horsetail or walnut with vodka in a ratio of 1:10. Leave the mixture to infuse, filter and wipe underarms 2 times a day.

Should take 500 ml of boiling water and add 2 tablespoons of sage. Then the solution is to insist, strain and make lotions – perfectly eliminates the smell of sweat.

And you can do this: 400 ml of boiling water add 1 tablespoon of sage, half an hour to insist, filter and drink this medicinal tea 3 times a day for 1/4 Cup. But, if you have inflammatory kidney disease, to drink this tea is not recommended.

If you have sweaty feet, you can make the following extracts:
— grind the oak bark and pour it in a clean, dry socks for the night. In the morning my feet in cold water. Instead of oak bark can be used starch, sugar or boric acid;
— 1 Cup of water add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. This solution washes feet, or do a lotion with a cotton swab:
— pour into a bowl 2 l of water, add 3 tablespoons of sea or cooking salt, stir thoroughly until complete dissolution of salt. In this solution well soar feet after each wash;
— at 1-1,5 l of water add 10-15 leaves of Bay leaf, the broth cools to an acceptable temperature and do a foot bath. Repeat this procedure daily to get positive results.

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When sweating of the face and neck to wipe them chilled strong tea or fresh milk. The leather needs to dry naturally. And you can mix the crushed bark of oak or willow with 1 teaspoon of vinegar, diluted with water in proportion 1:10. Ready solution good wash every morning.

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