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Folk remedies to normalize blood sugar levels

Народные средства для нормализации уровня сахара в кровиProven means of traditional medicine.

To maintain a normal level of glucose in the blood should not only diabetics, but to all whose body is prone to exceed standard indicators for sugar. With regular consumption of large quantities of sweet, the body eventually ceases to cope with such loads, and he needed help.

There are ways to effectively lower blood sugar levels folk remedies, but before applying them should consult a doctor.

The herbaceous periwinkle. If you have diabetes to drink a decoction of herbs (1 tbsp of raw materials for 200 ml boiling water) half a Cup 2 times a day.

Cranberries. Contains substances that reduce the blood sugar level. To drink infusion of the leaves (2st.l. of raw materials to 1 Cup boiling water) half a Cup 2-3 times a day.

Pea. Consumption of green peas lowers the level of blood sugar.

Not recommended for gout, acute nephritis, acute inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, in chronic heart failure.

White mustard. To take, not liquid, 1 tsp. white mustard seed, squeezed infusion of onion (a large onion finely chop, pour 1 a glass of boiled water at room temperature, let stand 3 hours, drain) 1 times a day.

Avens city. To drink tea from a mixture of (1st.l. mixture, 30 g of the roots of Geum urban grass Potentilla goose, 20 g of dry wings fruit beans, 10 g of blueberry leaves collected before flowering, and BlackBerry leaves bluish – pour 1 Cup boiling water) 1 Cup after each meal for 3 days.

BlackBerry blue-gray. Diabetes mellitus can drink infusion of the leaves (2st.l. raw pour 500 ml of boiling water, infuse 1 hour, drain) half a Cup 4 times a day before meals.

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