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Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold was dismantled

The Samsung Galaxy Fold on sale, including in Russia, this time after six months after the April fiasco. In the new version of it, if you believe the developers, improved and made more reliable, and experts iFixit decided to check it out by complete disassembly.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was dismantled to the last screw, and the inside is really revealed changes in comparison with the original device – in particular, the screen protector that was peeling with the first versions, now fixed more reliably. However, other special innovations inside the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not found, so the Korean vendor within six months of thought on how best to form the film. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the end, the smartphone, as before, very fragile, afraid of any dust, especially if it gets inside the hinge it is generally not protected. In the end, the new Samsung Galaxy Fold will break down as often as the old ones, and it is, recall, 160000 rubles. From abroad it can bring for 110,000 rubles, but still, the stronger it will become.

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