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Flying rubles in a hot country

Летят рубли в жаркие страны

Deputies of the state Duma are unable to fully Fund a hot meal for Russian students, but always willing to shell out for a new overseas friends.

While in Russia, heard the indignant voice regarding the writing off billions of dollars of debt to countries in Africa, in the state Duma undertook to defend the importance of this foreign policy direction. Right from the morning on Thursday the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Svetlana Zhurova, last Olympic champion in speed skating, told his colleagues about how much Russia is interested in the Black continent.

“Our interest in Africa is a new priority,” she said. Further, from the words Zhurova was that the Russian offensive in the African direction is beneficial for our country in all respects and is even able to improve the image of Russia abroad as a “recognized provider, a guarantor of stability, security, international law and sovereignty”.

Thus, unlike other countries, Russia will never be treated to Africa to “ruthlessly” said Zhurova. In translation it means — our country is likely to again invest on the continent in hopeless projects, or again will start to buy friendship. How did it even the Soviet authorities who issued bad loans (and other words, just bribes) friendly regimes.

Most of African debt, in this case, that’s the $20 billion, about whom the uproar, written off in the 1990s and early 2000-ies. As reported TASS, the last debt forgiveness of $40 million was made to Mozambique in the framework of the agreement in 2017.

And what is interesting in the context of this document it was a question of financing of national school feeding programmes in the aforementioned African country. On Thursday, deputies with the pump adopted in the first reading the bill on the hot food for Russian students. It is now feeding children in schools, especially in the provinces, known to many: the Internet is full of materials on the “stuck in makaroshka” for 60 rubles, there are poisoning. Deputies also prescribed in the law that now the power is not only hot and consisting of at least a main dish, but also “balanced and healthy”.

But the thing is to feed a hot lunch will only pupils of initial classes. And most importantly, money for the implementation of the future law in the budget yet, although the day before he passed its first reading in the state Duma.

Need to find a total of 20 billion rubles. This is peanuts compared to the expected investments in the same Africa, and in this case, the government will work on Russian business, who are unlikely to share income with the mother country. And in parallel, in the framework of humanitarian aid or bilateral agreements, to feed and treat African children. While its bite biscuits in the dining room.

Huge foreign policy ambitions and associated financial spending is somehow bad dock and the increase in Russia the minimum wage is only 850 rubles, which the government during the discussion in the first reading of the bill in the Duma is also presented as one of the achievements. From January 1, 2020, the minimum wage will be 12130 rubles per month, and must be at least 25 thousand to “people worked not only for food”, according to the Communist party.

On the direct question of deputies, when the minimum wage becomes larger, the Deputy Minister of labour Vsevolod Vukolov said the following: “the Overall goal is to move towards higher wages, we are working in this regard and definitely not to answer the question (about raising the minimum wage, — “Rosbalt“). All measures aimed at ensuring poverty reduction and the trend to increase salaries.”

Shame the deputies themselves and another called “freezing” of pension savings (the bill was also adopted on Thursday in the first reading). We will remind, a moratorium on the payment of the cumulative part of the pension prolong, starting in 2014. However, as reported at the meeting, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev, now accounts accumulated about 2.2 trillion roubles. It is also interesting that less than half of that money is in the accounts in the state management company VEB, and the rest in private pension funds.

“I think so, the money one citizens will not return,” suggested “SR” Valery Hartung. And liberal Democrat Yaroslav Nilov added that at the time the funded component of pensions was introduced in order to “give the opportunity to earn certain financial resources, using the money of future pensioners”. So that citizens somehow tolerated until the authorities and business “go to Africa” and, before you know, the time will come to Latin America to go.

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