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Flying machine was first put into mass production

Летающая машина впервые запущена в серийное производство Soon flying cars will become a reality.

An American company Terrafugia will start collecting pre-orders for its Transition flying car. This was stated by its chief Executive officer Chris Jaran.

The company’s promise to begin deliveries to customers in 2019, while the price is still not made up. The unit itself is equipped with a hybrid petrol-electric engine, it is designed for two people. Switching between flight modes and the drive will last only one minute.

The lack of auto – it for takeoff and landing need plenty of space, but Terrafugia has already announced a new model TF-2, which is to provide a vertical takeoff and landing. In sale it could arrive in 2023.

Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce showed a concept of a flying taxi. A prototype under the working title EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) presented at the air show “Farnborough” in the UK, according to the manufacturer’s website.

Air taxi is equipped with six motors that can carry up to five passengers. The maximum speed of the aircraft up to 400 km / h and limit the flight range is 800 km.

It is reported that from the competitors EVTOL apart from the ability of vertical takeoff and landing.

EVTOL serial production should start in early 2020-ies. It is possible to create also military modifications of the aircraft.

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