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Fly Cirrus 8: elegant and affordable smartphone

Smartphone Fly Cirrus 8 – a novelty in the domestic market of mobile communications. Released in mid-fall 2016, it is the budget segment of the candy bars, attracting the attention of a very low cost, and presumably great opportunities.

At first glance, Cirrus 8, also known as the index FS514, three competitive advantages – a more than adequate price tag, extraordinary appearance and potentially high for its class performance, expressed not so much the hardware, but modern software is part of the Android OS 6.0.


Our task is to find out whether Fly Cirrus 8 is of interest, and whether the requested money for it. At the time of writing it is recommended the cost is 6500 rubles, that is around $100, based on current exchange rates. In Russia, the smartphone came in black and gold body colors, and we have the test version in black, because this shade, according to statistics, the most popular in the budget segment of the Russian market of mobile devices.


Everyone knows that you can’t judge a book by its cover. This also applies to the smartphone Fly Cirrus 8, as to evaluate his appearance with the impossible packaging: white box of a relatively dense cardboard does not contain the pictures stored inside her gadget.

Meanwhile, free-stylish – minimal graphics, there are embossed letters on the top lid and bottom you can see the almost complete list of specs of the phone.

Quality performance also did not find fault – the box doesn’t look like it device cost around $100. Judging by its design, there are at least three times more expensive machine.


The box is from the Fly Cirrus 8 is not very big, but inside it was quite a lot of space. In it, in addition to the smartphone, there was a place under the removable back panel, battery, data cable, wired headset and a set of paper.

Under the trash in this case refers to the warranty card and the manual, containing only basic information about the device. It and is correct: the smartphone runs on the most common operating system in the world, and if someone still not familiar with it, the manufacturer of the responsibility does not bear.


On the official website of Fly have a detailed list of the specs of Cirrus 8, which includes even the most minor aspects that do not pay attention to none of the potential buyer – all’s well here. On the box there is a squeeze on the list – only the main characteristics that affect the decision to purchase. Information in both sources do not contradict each other, and it is given below.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 2.5 D, 1280x720p;
– processor: MediaTek MT6580A, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– OS: Google Android 6.0 launcher from Yandex;

– interfaces: 3.5 mm, microUSB 2.0, microSD and two SIM slots;

– communication modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, GPS, FM;

camera: main 8 MP, front 2 MP, Full HD video, flash;

– battery: Li-ion, 2000 mAh, 7 hours talk, 150 hours standby;

– dimensions: 141х71х8 mm;

– weight: 132 grams;

– case color: black, gold.

As you can see from this list, the phone does not support cellular networks of the fourth generation, but it can replace a car Navigator and, moreover, provides (officially) good indicators of battery life when the battery’s capacity is only 2,000 mAh. This is a great application for success.


Smartphone Fly Cirrus 8 looks smaller than it actually is – it seems that the size of it coincides with a 4.5-inch models, and it goes on his hand, because not everyone loves big phones and then the full-size screen and overall small dimensions. Profit. But the secret of this illusion is simple and lies in the glass on the front panel is 2.5 D, which visually narrows the side of the screen and increases its size, that it seems that the machine only consist of the display. Good move, well done.

Monoblock confidently lies in a hand, regardless of the size of the palm and not in a hurry to slip out of it due to the rich set of anti-slip devices. For a start its side the frame is pleasant to the touch a rough surface that increases the friction force, plus look at the back panel: it has three-dimensional picture, it is easily perceptible to the touch. It also does not allow you to drop the phone and, most importantly, makes it very beautiful and probably the most interesting in terms of design among the “classmates”.

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The back cover is absolutely not easily soiled, which, of course, can not say about the front panel – she happily saves for each fingerprint, but the good easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Visually Fly the Cirrus 8 makes a very pleasant impression, which side to look. Its front panel is devoid of markings – not even the buttons under the screen and the camera, sensors and earpiece is barely noticeable. Buttons, incidentally, are displayed on the display, and we always consider it to be a manifestation of the desire of the manufacturer to save on cost. But since in this case, the smartphone costs about $100, to dwell on this will not, especially since the lack of touch-buttons only improves the appearance.


As mentioned above, Fly the Cirrus 8 is comfortable to hold in hand. Thumb at a certain level of proficiency you can reach all the corners of the screen and hardware buttons on the right sidebar posted enough to be able to find them by feel and know exactly what kind of key – enable or adjust the volume. They, like the frame, also slightly rough.

Wired interfaces on the smartphone are displayed on the top face that from the point of view of ergonomics are just great, and the location of the speaker on the bottom end in a small cavity – it is extremely positive effect on the sound quality. The microphone hole is quite well hidden in the lower edge of the front glass – it is barely noticeable, and it won’t get clogged or shut down the conversation.

Also at the top of the front panel are placed, left to right, light sensors and proximity, earpiece and front camera, and rear of the smartphone has only the manufacturer’s logo, the main camera and its led flash.

Under the hood hides a large compartment under the battery, separate slots for microSD and two slots for SIM – regular and micro. Here we see the miscalculation in ergonomics: all three cards are impossible to get without prior removing of the battery. Old school is all well and good, but from similar solutions by other manufacturers is almost gone.



Touch screen smartphone Fly Cirrus 8 based on the matrix IPS and, in our opinion, is the main advantage of the device. First, he honestly answers to the specs of the matrix 178-degree viewing angles – do not foam and does not fade.

Secondly, it has no air gap between the glass and the display, which significantly improves the brightness and color reproduction. Thirdly, due to the lack of this layer if the screen fades in the sun, it is not a hundred percent: if you set the maximum brightness, it remains quite readable. This note is extremely rare in modern budget phones.

In addition, the touch screen in Fly Cirrus 8 handles 5 simultaneous touches, while most of his classmates are limited to 2 touches. Under artificial lighting for comfortable work enough one third the brightness of the backlight, saving battery power.


To Fly Cirrus 8 sounds pretty nice, but agree, very few who listen to the music on the main dynamics of the smartphone – a lot of a certain contingent of people from the most prosperous regions and communities. So let’s not talk about quality, talk about volume: when you call on the Fly Cirrus 8, you will have no chance to miss a call because it plays a speaker so loud it can be heard through three closed doors. In the car or on the street call you will hear guaranteed.

But the earpiece volume is not enough: the impression that he was “strangled”. And so it happened: a few manipulations in the engineering menu, and the problem is solved, the interlocutor can hear you again. The microphone in your smartphone is quite common, is that the place of his dislocation guessed it – the face is not closed, and protected from the wind.

Regular headset we frankly did not like. Let’s start with the fact that it’s ear, and even without the soft pads, so they will always fall out of ears. If you think that this earphone is for the winter period, as to keep them in position you can use headgear. The sound quality of conversation is satisfactory, but the music on this headset to listen: at high frequencies are wheezing, low – “chanting”.

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Work offline

The manufacturer claims the ability to Fly Cirrus 8 hold 7 hours in the talk mode through the networks of the second generation. Officially declare is wrong. 9 hours – that is what this budget phone and it is in the cold season, when the phone runs out of power much faster.

On the other hand, in all other modes of operation FS514 a battery drain less economically: we managed to drain it for 6 hours at relatively high intensity use. However, it is foolish to demand from the battery capacity of just 2000mAh for something more, it’s a very good result. Recovery charge via a standard memory provided in an average of three hours. When you use charging at 1.5 amps instead of three hours requires about two. In Navigator battery lasts for 1.5 hours on average.

I would like to mention that battery with BL9200 not very well suited to this phone, though in the literal sense: to put it in a dedicated compartment, it is necessary to use force, otherwise then fail to close the top cover.



Fly Cirrus 8 is a budget smartphone, and the first, to save manufacturers, producing low-cost means of communication, it is always the camera. Here Fly acted honestly and did not set very cheap modules and to tighten their software interpolation.

In the end we have front camera of 2 MP primary and 8 MP. They shoot on the level, but above your head to jump, of course, can’t. However, miracles from them, no one expects, because you know that for $100 guaranteed impossible to get the same camera as the flagship for $600 and above. By the way, flash here though and consists of one led, but shines very brightly. Known to all old Nokia phones with flashlights? Here the brightness is about the same, that is, in other words, everything is just wonderful, no sarcasm.


Software and memory

Fly Cirrus 8 runs on Google’s Android OS 6.0, almost the most up-to-date. She added an impressive number of additional software – we counted 12 non-standard programs and launcher from “Yandex”. All of this scored both operational and internal memory, so the result is for the installation of the application is only 372 MB RAM.

Fortunately, all of these utilities in the two accounts deleted without any dances with a tambourine, more precisely, without rooting directly from the menu. A couple of minutes, and you have a stylish cell phone on the stock “Android” without the extra garbage. However, to give him the memory card is still not hurt, because of the regular 8 GB ROM, the user is given little more than 4 GB.



Fly FS514, despite having only 1 GB of RAM, even if you do not delete unnecessary pre-installed applications, shows the class in the benchmark. It affects the availability of modern Android operating system 6, which has finally learned how to properly consume system resources and do not score the entire RAM of unnecessary system apps.

Smartphone test was conducted in a well-known benchmark AnTuTu the latest at the time of writing the review, version. For the sake we also drove it on tests in Quadrant Standard, where he earned 5948 points. For the device with 1 GB of RAM is enchanting.

In AnTuTu Fly Cirrus 8 got 22410 points, and it is at the level of some of the more expensive devices available on the Russian market. I wonder what will be able to this seemingly very ordinary cell phone, if you completely clean it from debris that impair performance?



Based on test Fly a Cirrus 8 the conclusion can be only one: it is necessary to take. Definitely should be taken, at least as a fashion phone, if means of communication are not required to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. The unit looks great and its responsibilities to cope on a solid “five”. Without shortcomings, of course, has not done, and we looked at them, but the overall positive impression from your smartphone and they do not spoil.


The Pros Fly Cirrus 8

– original design;

– bright high quality screen;

– loud speaker.


Cons Fly Cirrus 8

– lack of support for 4G;

– a lot of extra.

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