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Flight to Mars in mortal danger for astronauts

Полет на Марс грозит смертельной опасностью для космонавтовScientists concerned about the psyche of the astronauts.

Humanity is actively exploring the possibility of the conquest of Mars. Scientists concerned about the recent study that showed that the psyche of the astronauts could not withstand the flight and they will fly to the red planet in a state of dementia.

It is reported by Scientific Reports.

In addition, to influence the flight will be on physical: muscles and internal organs. All of this can also be affected, but mental health issues still come to the fore in preparation for this space journey.

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During the last experiments the animals were irradiated with ionized particles of oxygen and titanium. This led to the fact that animals six months later, started inflammatory processes in the brain that lead to dementia.

In General, scientists say that such consequences of the brain develop in people who suffered a large radiation dose in the treatment of cancer. These symptoms will develop the astronauts for months and eventually can lead to insanity and cause real mortal danger.

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Now scientists are looking for ways to protect astronauts from the flux of solar radiation.

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