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Flight footage of Cassini between the Saturn and its rings

Кадры полета Cassini между Сатурном и его кольцамиCassini has transmitted to Earth pictures of Saturn.

NASA scientists have created an animation that shows exactly where the Cassini spacecraft took the new photo of Saturn.

The animation was made on the basis of images that a probe conveyed to Earth after a maneuver on April 26.

These pictures in the original looked small, drab and grainy, but they were the closest ever pictures of the cloud tops of Saturn. After processing by astronomers and planetary scientists these images are gathered in a separate video. As scholars have noted, Cassini may be able to make better images, but the team chose such a permit to take pictures faster.

“This is a compromise that you make in order to capture something very close, moving very quickly underneath you,” explained a NASA spokesman Preston Dyches.

“Soon after the image began to arrive, some of the scientists of the Cassini project said that he had noticed “some things” that have never been seen before. Saturn continues to surprise and amaze us after 13 years of studying it from orbit,” – said Joe Peteski, project engineer from Cassini at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

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